AFK Cosmetics!

Recently, the owner of AFK Cosmetics sent me some samples for review. By the time I got around to swatching them, she had closed down her shop so she could move. Oops. Today, however, they’re open for a flash sale, so hurry if you want anything, since the shop will be closed for a while longer.



It made me really inexplicably sad that I had to tear the stickers to get at the eyeshadow. This says more about me than the company, though.

Ample samples!

Ample samples!

I asked her to choose what colours to send me, except for a special request for You Smell Like Burning. I’ve been sort of lax on my gaming recently, since I don’t actually have any sort of console or that much spare time, so none of the references actually meant that much to me.

It’s important to note that the samples looked really generous. Like, I didn’t measure them or anything, but it seemed like there was a lot in there.

Swatches! Pixie Epoxy on right, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

Swatches! Pixie Epoxy on right, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

Fear Me is a dark teal with a bunch of green shimmer. It’s a lot more opaque than it looks in the site swatch, as are most of the shadows.

Getting Stumped looks very similar to Fear Me in the baggies, but turns out as a bright, emerald green with a smoky black base. I really liked this one, even though I don’t normally go for greens.

You Smell Like Burning is a deep red-violet, with a dark base. I’m really happy I requested this one, as it’s certainly one I’ll use.

Bronze V is a strong, metallic darkish bronze. It’s the most traditionally neutral of the shadows I got, but I still kinda love it.

Solar Flair (Is that a pun? I think it is a pun, but my brain is telling me it’s a typo) is described as a bright copper with gold sparks, but it definitely comes off as more of a metallic gold. This isn’t actually a problem, since I do like metallic gold eyeshadow, but I wouldn’t say that there’s any real coppery tones in it.

Surprise Party is a slightly dulled lilac-pink colour with scattered sparkles. In some lights, it’s really purple, and in others it’s pinker. I think it’s the colour that benefited the most from the Pixie Epoxy, but none of them really needed it. (I appreciate that, since I’m really lazy.)

Surprise Party, Bronze V, and You Smell Like Burning on my eyes.

Surprise Party, Bronze V, and You Smell Like Burning on my eyes.

Overall, these were some pretty fun shadows. I do really like that they’re swatched over a tattoo with a bunch of bases, as that really helps show off the opacity. Especially if you know what the names are referencing (damn kids, get off my lawn) these are definitely some solid buys.



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