Makeup Revolution Scandalous Lipsticks

If you are anything like me, you’ve probably noticed a lot of buzz about the NYX Macaron lipsticks. Damn right you should have- after all, they’re wacky-coloured lipsticks sold in stores at drugstore prices, right? Exciting!

I do not have those.

NYX, for some reason that I’m certain is not about marketing and is all about slighting me personally, has not put the Macarons anywhere in my town, and their website doesn’t ship to Canada. While I waited patiently for Macarons to be available on other websites, I began to look into alternatives because, you know, that is exactly what I need.

Makeup Revolution is a brand from the UK, but they do ship internationally. While I’ve heard great things about their dupes of the Naked palettes, we all know I’m not here for neutral eyeshadow.

(If you're not playing Thus Spake Zarathustra, you really should be.)

(If you’re not playing Thus Spoke Zarathustra, you really should get on that.)

The Scandalous Lipsticks retail for 1 pound each. (That’s 1.85 Canada dollars.) There is also a deal where you can get all of them for 4 pounds (7.40 CAD.) Even with shipping, that is a pretty good deal for zany lips. The only better one I’ve seen is the Kleancolor lipsticks, that I disliked so strongly I couldn’t even bring myself to review without someone forcing my hand.

There are a few weird things about them. The packaging feels really flimsy. The lids are just loose enough that they can rattle around a lot. None of the ones I have fallen off in my bag, but it’s worrisome. As well, this might just be me, but the little plastic things with the lipstick inside so you can tell what colour is in there are actually on the top. I’m used to NYX Round Case lipsticks, and I can’t deal. This isn’t the lipstick’s fault, though.

Crime on my face.

Crime on my face.

I totally own a pink lipstick now. This is a very hot pink. It’s the boldest of the available shades, but also sort of the most conventional. The formula is, while not moisturizing, not actively drying, and it lasted about an adequate length of time. I don’t know how I feel about the colour on me, but if you are into this sort of thing, this isn’t a bad choice.

Depraved on my face.

Depraved on my face. It was a sunhat day.

Depraved comes off as a cool purple on me. It has the best lasting time of the lot- while it wore in the middle after a few hours, it wasn’t that noticeable.

Felony on my lips.

Felony on my lips.

Okay, so this is my first yellow lipstick. I might stick to blue- this doesn’t appear to be my colour. The formula on this one was a bit streaky and chalky- I really had to layer it on to get any degree of opacity. It also came off pretty easily. Overall, I would say that Felony doesn’t pay.

Immoral on my face.

Immoral on my face.

Immoral is more of a pastel blue than I am used to. It was also kind of thin and chalky, which is sad. It wasn’t quite as bad as Crime, but it was still kind of a nuisance to work with.

Vice on my face.

Vice on my face.

Vice, weirdly enough, I actually really liked. I don’t generally go for orange lipstick, but this appeared to be my orange. Reminds me of creamsicles, which are lovely things to be reminded of. The formula held up surprisingly well, too- this was the unexpected winner, and I’ll definitely be ordering this again.

I might order from Makeup Revolution in the future, since I did like some of the lipsticks. They don’t appear to have a handle on the unconventional colours quite yet, but it’s a start. I can definitely recommend Vice, Depraved, and Crime as relatively nice lipsticks. While Felony and Immoral weren’t up to snuff, if you have two dollars and want to try blue or yellow lipstick but know you won’t wear it seriously, they might be good enough. For more advanced wacky-lipstick types, I’d recommend skipping them, since the formulas range from “gross” to “adequate” but if you really want to try orange lipstick even though you were certain you would never make it work, this might be your jam. (Or should I say your… marmalade? No, I really shouldn’t.)


2 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Scandalous Lipsticks

  1. V says:

    It’s not just you. I haven’t seen the Macaron lipsticks in any Ulta, Target or drugstore. I would order off their website since I’m in America, but I’m cheap and I know as soon as I pay that extra for shipping, they’ll magically appear in stores.

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