New Alchimia Lipsticks!

Alchimia released a few new lipsticks relatively recently. They also had a “buy two get one” sale at the same time, and the clock is ticking to when they’ll stop selling cosmetics, so really, I had to order. That’s just common sense.

Package contents.

Package contents.

I ordered three lipsticks in Coil, Coinage, and Jack, and also got a free sample of Hallows and the traditional honey candy.

Hallows is a very fall perfume. On me, it smells mostly of caramel apples, which is a thing I think I’m happy about. It’s kind of sweeter than what I normally wear, but not too overwhelmingly sweet. (If people keep sending me perfumes I will keep giving misinformed reviews.)

Now, on to what I know about- lipstick.

Jack on my face. (That sounds like something you should go to other corners of the internet to find.)

Jack on my face. (That sounds like something you should go to other corners of the internet to find.)

Jack is a lot more orangey than it looks in the swatch. I thought it would be a lot more goldy. The green shift is kind of faint, but more visible under artificial life. I don’t think this lipstick works for me personally, since it’s made up of elements I don’t tend to enjoy on my face. (It’s orange, it’s green, it’s kinda pastel…) That said, the formula is good, so if you’re the sort of person who likes this sort of thing, have at it. It did fade a bit quicker than the other two, though.

Coinage on my face.

Coinage on my face.

I didn’t think I’d like Coinage as much as I do. It’s a medium, chocolatey brown with a notable gold interference. There’s something about it that strikes me as charmingly 90s, and given that I identify with the decade more than I should, it calls to me. This will get worn, if nothing else, when I’m having a day where I want to look not quite so unusual. Yes, those days happen on occasion.

Coil on my face.

Coil on my face.

Oh, wow. I ended up liking the black with a lovely purple duochrome. However would you have guessed that. It’s not like this lipstick is exactly my thing or anything like that. (Seriously, Coil is lovely. The duochrome effect is really pronounced, and it just looks so cool.)

On the whole, I found their lasting power to be more than adequate. Coil in particular took a while to fade, and when it did, it faded to a nice shiny purple. Thank goodness for makeup science.


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