Impulse Cosmetics Metaluxe Lipsticks

This post goes up early, since I thought it would take longer. Impulse Cosmetics is not without issue- they were caught stealing an image from Fyrinnae, which is kind of a dumb move for a lot of reasons. However, they have pretty shiny lipsticks, and they had a sale where you could buy three of their Metaluxe lipsticks and get one free, so I made an order anyway. I guess you could call it an… Impulse buy. (I am so sorry.)

Little packet of lipsticks!

Little packet of lipsticks!

The lipsticks came in lip balm tubes. The tubes were a little bit difficult to turn up at first, but I powered through it. The labels are simple paper stickers, which I’m not really a fan of for a company that’s been around for so long, since the ink tends to wear off so easily. I also got a coupon code for 10% off a purchase.

The lipsticks I got were Tough Love, Forget Me Not, Toy Store Cowboy, and Asphyxia.

Toy Store Cowboy on my face.

Toy Store Cowboy on my face.

Did you hear that sad trombone going “womp womp womp waaaaaa”? Because I am only lying a little when I tell you that is what played when I put this on. Toy Store Cowboy is described as a metallic teal with a gold/green duochrome, but is instead a disappointment. For reference, I normally do one or two swipes across my arm for the arm swatches. This swatch took 9. It wouldn’t get any more opaque than this. Additionally, it wore off after an hour and a glass of iced tea, leaving a sad mossy gray ring around my lips.

Asphyxiate on my lips.

Asphyxiate on my lips.

Asphyxiate fared similarly, turning out to be a patchy mess. People, if you’re going to make a blue lipstick, commit to that. If it is even a tiny bit patchy, it will show and look awful. It also didn’t last through iced tea.

Forget Me Not on a face.

Forget Me Not on a face.

Forget Me Not went on a bit smoother. It was still notably patchy, though, and didn’t really deliver in the time test. It’s a nice shade of true purple, but

Tough Love on my face.

Tough Love on my face.

Tough Love, I would say, was the best of the four. It was a perfectly functional lipstick, although even with a conventional colour, the patchiness was still visible. The lasting power was about average- made it through drinks, but not food.

As you can probably tell, I wasn’t impressed by these lipsticks. The quality was pretty substandard, especially on the blues. If you’re going to buy from a sketchy company, I would choose another.


8 thoughts on “Impulse Cosmetics Metaluxe Lipsticks

  1. I always see their stuff on etsy!! I was going to buy one of their lipsticks but I dont like how it comes in a chapstick tube. I’m glad I found your review!

    • Yeah, I was looking at their stuff for a while before I bought some. (They’ve closed down their Etsy store, though.)
      The chapstick tube doesn’t bother me, since that’s what most indies use, but the unusability does.


      I actually whimpered a little when I swatched Toy Store Cowboy- that looked like such a lovely colour. Even the arm swatches they provide look so much ridiculously better. Not cool, Impulse.

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