BeautyBarBaby’s Lipsticks!

So, in a recent gift exchange, my giftee sent me some lipsticks from BeautyBarBaby. I had been considering purchasing some, and was waiting for a sale. (The best sale, it turns out, is when it is free.) In my previous review, I found their eyeshadows more than satisfactory, so I was kind of excited to try out their lipsticks.

Lipsticks for me!

Lipsticks for me!

The lipsticks came in black lip balm tubes. The packaging, honestly, I wasn’t too excited about. They appeared to have melted a little in transit, but that is really nobody’s fault beyond whatever cruel deity decided I could handle 28-degree weather. As well, the labels looked a little bit sketchy, and I’m not sure how long they’ll last in a purse.

The lipsticks I got were Celestia, Frozen, and House of Usher- two blues and a purple. (My secret Santa knows me well.)

Celestia on a face!

Celestia on a face!

I figured I’d get Celestia out of the way first, seeing as I’m not sure if I’ll wear it outside an ombre or some similar thing. I can handle blue lips, but they’ve got to be the right blue or I might look weird. Celestia is a light, pastel blue- as the first swatched, I noticed that it went on really opaque. Look at my lips. That’s one swipe. Like the colour or not, that is pretty impressive.

Frozen on my lips

Frozen on my lips

Frozen, for some reason, is not in the shop any more. It’s a slightly greenish cerulean, and goes on just as nicely as Celestia. I’m quite a fan, and kind of want to futz around with these two to make some sort of ombre look to post on Facebook or whatever.

House of Usher on my face.

House of Usher on my face.

Okay, I’m kind of obsessed with this. House Of Usher is a smoky dull plum that’s almost gray or brown but then totally isn’t. It’s a respectable colour that goes on opaque. This is the one I wore out, and it only needed a slight touch-up after a heavy curry dinner.

I would definitely recommend any of these, and kind of want to try more now. (If the black one is this nice, I’d never stop wearing it.) The formula is pretty solid, although it melts pretty easily when it’s too warm for me to function. The biggest problem I have is with the packaging, and even that’s more about how it might perform than how it has up to this point.


6 thoughts on “BeautyBarBaby’s Lipsticks!

  1. I’m not sure, honestly. I’ve never tried a blue before and have no clue what kind of blue would look good on me. I guess I just need to get my hands on some different ones and see. I saw your post on Maybe I should start with those? Unless you have any others that you thing might look good on me? (ref: I’m definitely open to your thoughts!

    • Well, it depends what kind of look you are going for, you know? Like, what lip colours do you find yourself gravitating towards? If lighter, than start with a lighter blue, or if you like purple, an indigo sort of shade might be nice. Or you can just do what I do and buy every blue lipstick you can find. Ahem.

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