Siren Cosmetics

Alright, so this is a rarity among my reviews- Siren Cosmetics does not currently ship to Canada. For a very brief time, however, they were. Shipping was 25 dollars for any amount of stuff, whether you just got a sample or full-sizes of everything. (Seriously, I don’t get why you would choose to have only flat-rate shipping.) I wouldn’t have ordered, but there was a group order on the go and also they had eyeshadow named after MCR songs so there you go.

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Fyrinnae’s Newest Lip Lustres

I’ve always been more or less satisfied with the samples of Fyrinnae’s lip lustres I’ve tried, and am a fan of blue lips. Given these two facts, when Fyrinnae released their newest lip lustres, and one of them was blue, I decided this would be the day I owned a full-size.

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Blackbird Cosmetics

Blackbird Cosmetics may not seem like my usual company to patronize. All of their eyeshadows are matte neutrals, and there is only one black. Still, they had a blogger discount and pretty good shipping to Canada, so I picked up some samples because there might be an occasion at some point where I have to look vaguely natural. (It turns out, there was- I was playing a dude in a play and had to get an ID photo taken, so they have been used.)

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