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First, before we get into looking at pictures of my face in blue lipstick, Toxid Lotus asked me to put up a guest post, and I ended up ranking my favourite blue lipsticks so far. Check it out! (This much closer to being Internet Famous.)

I got some things!

I got some things!

Alog had a sale with free international shipping, so I was quite firmly all over that. I picked up a full-size of Mystic, as well as samples of Kitten and the reformulated Sea Sorbet, since she changed the formula after sending me my last sample. I got Lace as a freebie, which was nice.

I have to say, she’s really classed up the sample packaging. The last samples arrived in little baggies with handwritten labels, while these showed up in clamshells with printed logos and labels on them. The lipstick tube has the logo on the bottom and the colour name on the side, and it has a little window on the top so you can just hang out looking at your lipstick. I actually haven’t ever seen this type of tubes, and I thought they were neat.

Sea Sorbet, in both old and new formulas. They're labelled as is appropriate.

Sea Sorbet, in both old and new formulas. They’re labelled as is appropriate.

So, I’ll start with the reason for this review. I got a request to compare the old formula of Sea Sorbet with the new, and since I am a crowd-pleaser, here you go. They are kind of similar, but notably different. The new formula is a bit darker, and has more of a metallic finish instead of a cream. It’s sort of chunkier, and you can feel it a lot more on your lips. It does go on more opaque, but the new formula is easy enough to build up, and I think I like it more.

Mystic on my face.

Mystic on my face.

When I checked her shop for links for my last post, I saw Mystic and decided that it had to be mine. It’s a black base with purple sheen that is exactly the sort of thing I would wear. (She has now posted a new lipstick called Sky At Night, which I also kinda need now. I see your business model.) My only issue is that the lasting power isn’t too strong- after a few kisses from the lipstick tester and some butter chicken, it was almost entirely gone. Still, it lasted longer than Indigo Bridge from PBLC, so I’m not really complaining.

Kitten on my lips.

Kitten on my lips.

I’m not Kitten, this is a lovely colour. (I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.) It’s not quite red, staying at the very warm pink side of things, with a smooth, creamy finish. It would be ideal if you’re still trying to work up the courage for reds- I don’t know if I’m in love with it, but it’s nice. It also has a better lasting power than Mystic and left a slight stain on my lips as it faded.

Lace on my face.

Lace on my face.

Alright, so this is what a MLBB is supposed to look like. This is almost the exact colour of my lips. I sort of want this in a full-size, considering I don’t really have a MLBB, or a My Lips But Anything. I had to get ID photos taken recently which meant neutral makeup, and the closest I found was a sheer orange shimmer. So I went to go buy Lace, only to find that it’s been replaced by a cooler colour. Dangit. The listing says that a similar colour will come back under another name, though, so I’ll probably wait to get a sample of that before my next order.

I am kind of a fan of Alog, not going to lie. The formula is pretty moisturizing, and feels nice. My main problem is that I keep falling in love with colours and then finding new ones in their place. It’s rare that I love something that isn’t really out there, and it’s sad that it’s gone.


6 thoughts on “Alog Cosmetics

  1. Emma Crew says:

    Yay, thank you!

    I think I will wait for my Fierce Magenta order to show up and see how bright blue lips treat me, but I do like that metallic look.

    The arm swatch of Lace looks a bit like Bite Beauty’s lip crayon in Chablis which is one of my MLBB options (though I discovered the one I got 6 months ago is not quite the same as the one in Sephora now; their batches are pretty small. Yay, dye lots. Yes, I am also a fiber/textile dork). If, you know, going into Sephora doesn’t give you hives…

    • Haha, I aim to please.

      You’ll have to let me know how it turns out! I’m all about people’s blue lips journeys.

      And I wouldn’t know if going into Sephora gives me hives- I live in a province without any makeup stores besides the drug store. I hope it wouldn’t, there are a few things I’d buy impulsively if it existed here. (I don’t care if the KVD lipsticks are notoriously patchy, I at least want to swatch Poe.)

      Also, textile dorks are the best dorks. 😛

      • Emma Crew says:

        It would appear my Unusual Lip Shade is green, because the poison ivy gloss looks great. Medusa just looks harsh on me (my BFF is all amped up to give it a go, though). The turquoise lip gloss would work well if I whited out my natural lip color, it just shows through too much. I am going to try again with a lighter blue, probably Nautica.

    • Ooh, lucky, you get to wear green! (Also, I forgot how quickly packets travelled inside America.)

      It might look harsher because of the depth- Poison Ivy is a lot lighter, if the swatch photos are anything to go by. It might also be something you’re just not used to, if you’re new to blue. I had to wear my first blue around the house a few times before I went out in it.

      • Emma Crew says:

        I think I found the blue that works! And yeah, the yellow-greens, which should not be surprising given the clothes that look best on me… (please ignore the results of failing to properly care for my skin the last week while being ill)

        Even though I’m near Seattle — about as far from Fierce Magenta as possible while staying within the continental US — my second order was sent on the 20th and arrived today. Guess we’re spoiled here!

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