Blackbird Cosmetics

Blackbird Cosmetics may not seem like my usual company to patronize. All of their eyeshadows are matte neutrals, and there is only one black. Still, they had a blogger discount and pretty good shipping to Canada, so I picked up some samples because there might be an occasion at some point where I have to look vaguely natural. (It turns out, there was- I was playing a dude in a play and had to get an ID photo taken, so they have been used.)

Little baggies!

Little baggies!

I ordered her full collection in sample baggies. You can also order separate samples if you’re so inclined, but where I don’t know anything about how neutrals look on my face, I opted to just get everything and see what I used. She also sent me a coupon code in case I wanted to get a full-size of anything, which was nice.


Swatches- NYX Milk on the left, primer on the right.

Swatches- NYX Milk on the left, primer on the right.

Immortals is a light peachy pink. The site says it’s best used as a highlight or something to blend into, but it’s a bit dark for that on me.

Imogen is a slightly darker, peachier pink. It’s a bit lighter on me than it is on the website swatch, but I think this is just a difference in skin tones.

Gravity is more of a brown than a plum. It’s a nice colour, but I always think of plum as being a lot redder.

Fiction is a slightly brownish gray. I kind of want to use this as a contour, but that might just be me.

Lucid is a matte black. It is a pretty good matte black, although it isn’t as dark as I like my blacks.

More swatches!

More swatches!

Dim Tradition is one I really like. It’s a really light cool beige- still a bit dark for me to use as a highlighter, but it’s still a good colour to have,

Thirteen is a cool, taupey brown. I like to use it as a crease colour with Dim Tradition when I need to look like I am not wearing makeup.

Dog Days is similar to Thirteen, but a bit warmer. I personally like Thirteen a bit more, but that is mostly in how they interact with my face.

Beau is a deep, chocolatey brown. It’s got a really red tone to it, which is nice.

Fire Pledge is a bright red-orange. I wouldn’t call it a neutral, myself, but it’s a great colour.

Two looks I did! Dim Tradition, Thirteen, and Lucid on the left, and just Immortals on the right.

Two looks I did! Dim Tradition, Thirteen, and Lucid on the left, and just Immortals on the right.

These shadows blend wonderfully. I kind of love the texture. While I don’t normally go for matte neutrals, these are pretty great. My main complaint is that, given control over this collection, I would include a matte white or something that pasty people can use as a highlight. That said, that’s a minor quibble, and certainly not the fault of the products themselves.


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