Fyrinnae’s Newest Lip Lustres

I’ve always been more or less satisfied with the samples of Fyrinnae’s lip lustres I’ve tried, and am a fan of blue lips. Given these two facts, when Fyrinnae released their newest lip lustres, and one of them was blue, I decided this would be the day I owned a full-size.

Packet o' things!

Packet o’ things!

They’ve got new packaging instead of the usual green bags, which was a nice surprise. I ordered a full-size of Galaxy Evolution and a sample of Burrowing Owl, since Triceratops is green, which isn’t often my colour. Luckily for you, my free sample was of Triceratops, so I’m reviewing it anyway. I also got minis of Penguin, Faerie Glamour, and Devilish Debutante.


Swatches! Penguin over bare skin, eyeshadows over Pixie Epoxy on left, NYX Milk in middle, and primer on right.

Swatches! Penguin over bare skin, eyeshadows over Pixie Epoxy on left, NYX Milk in middle, and primer on right.

Penguin is an odd colour. It looks, like, really, really purple on my arm, but on my face, it’s a lot tauper. I think it makes a pretty natural contour for super cool pale people.

Penguin as a contour.

Penguin as a contour.

Faerie Glamour is a purply base with a lot of teal shimmer. I couldn’t get the lighter purple tones, even over Pixie Epoxy.

Devilish Debutante is a blackened purple with strong reddish-violet shimmer. I didn’t manage to catch the peach shimmer, but it’s a lovely colour nonetheless.

Alright, now for what you’re all here for. Fancy new lip lustres. Well, let’s check out my new baby, Galaxy Evolution!

Ah. Well then.

Ah. Well then.

This is the absolute best I could get it to look. This took about 20 minutes of applying, blotting, drying, reapplying, and generally fussing around, and it still looks really patchy. (Click the picture to make it bigger. You can say “enhance” as you do, I won’t judge.) Honestly, I was kind of disappointed. It looked lovely on my arm, but on the lips, it just sheered right out to a navy blue, and it wasn’t nearly as dark as the photo. I don’t know if there was something wrong with the one I got, but I wasn’t that pleased. As I say a lot, if you’re going to make a blue lipstick, you have to commit, and this is just sorta there. I might layer it over a black lip liner or something to see if it looks better, since I have a full-size, but it’s still a bummer.

Alright, I’m done, I promise.

Triceratops on my face.

Triceratops on my face.

Triceratops is a lot nicer. It’s a deep emerald green, it needs two coats instead of approximately a million for full opacity, it relies on misconceptions about dinosaurs- what’s not to love? It lasts until you eat something, which isn’t too bad for a cream lip product- and it doesn’t stain, which I’m told is important to people who don’t wear wacky lipsticks all day.

Burrowing Owl on my face.

Burrowing Owl on my face.

Burrowing Owl is actually my favourite from this order. It’s a grayish lavender that’s opaque in one swipe. I kind of love it passionately as a kooky-but-not-too-out-there lip colour.

So, the reason I made this order was a bust, unfortunately. I’m really sad about Galaxy Evolution being so unworkable, since I’ve not often got 20 minutes to spare every time I need to touch up my lipstick. I might end up ordering Burrowing Owl in a full-size, though, since it is beautiful. Triceratops is also really nice, and I’m glad I got a sample of it, although I’m not sure the colour agrees with my face.


6 thoughts on “Fyrinnae’s Newest Lip Lustres

    • Yeah, I was kinda disappointed that, for once, my favourite isn’t a blue.

      I think they’ve been updating the shop a lot more quietly, I’ve noticed a few things there that I didn’t recognize. (Then again, I also managed to miss a new NM release, so it could just be me.)

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