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Alright, so this is a rarity among my reviews- Siren Cosmetics does not currently ship to Canada. For a very brief time, however, they were. Shipping was 25 dollars for any amount of stuff, whether you just got a sample or full-sizes of everything. (Seriously, I don’t get why you would choose to have only flat-rate shipping.) I wouldn’t have ordered, but there was a group order on the go and also they had eyeshadow named after MCR songs so there you go.



I got a whole bunch of sample baggies, since they were all 25-50 cents each. When the owner of Siren found out we were doing a group order, she included enough free samples for all of us to get one, so that was neat.

Swatches! Pixie Epoxy on the left, then NYX Milk, then primer.

Swatches! Pixie Epoxy on the left, then NYX Milk, then primer.

Red Red Wine is a matte plum. It doesn’t play well with Pixie Epoxy, as tends to be the case with mattes, and I really should have looked up which were matte before swatching to avoid it. It is a pretty fine matte plum, however.

Mister Blue is a bright, royal blue. There is some subtle gold shimmer, but you really have to be looking for it.

Maniac was discontinued before I got my package, as were a few other shades. It’s a light blue-toned shimmery lavender.

Lapdance is a matte dusty violet. It’s another perfectly serviceable matte.

Indian Summer is another discontinued one. It’s a shimmery coppery brown- a nice colour, but not one I find too special.

Hollywood is a bright, metallic gold. It looks the same without primer as with it, so good news if you don’t like primer. It reminds me of Sugarpill’s Goldilux.

Second part of the same arm.

Second part of the same arm. For some reason, the version without the labels is here, so you will have to follow along until I fix that. Sorry!

Helena might not actually be named after My Chemical Romance, but I like to pretend. It’s a dark, purply-charcoal base with a bright red duochrome.

Gimmie Danger is a charcoal gray base with silvery shimmer. It’s not nearly as black as I like my blacks, which is upsetting.

Evidence is a bright magenta with a strong blueish sheen. It’s subtle enough when used in eye looks to not stand out that much unless you search for it.

Europa is a bright teal with grassy green shimmer. It’s one of my favourites of the lot, as it’s stunning even when on a small area.

Computer Blue is a classic matte BSOD blue. I’m sure none of you kids today know about that, but it was a hard era for all of us, and now it’s an eyeshadow. It’s pretty spot-on to the actual colour, so that’s neat.

More swatches. Same order because I'm boring as heck.

More swatches. Same order because I’m boring as heck.

China Girl is listed as a shimmery white. It has a very slight blue tone, but it’s pretty opaque which is nice. (I really need to start swatching whites over a dark base. Or going out in the sun more often.)

Cigaro is sort of a slightly coppery brown. It’s slightly pinkish, and it’s more interesting than it looks at first glance.

Cherry Bomb is fantastic. It’s a super bright matte red that makes me kind of sad that I’ll never own the full-size. I’m wearing it right now, and you only need a little to make a hardcore red statement.

Celebrity Skin is another one I got for the name. It’s a pretty cutesy bubbly pink, and a lot less gray than the photo looks to me.

Black Velvet is an pretty okay matte black. Like, it’s a matte black, but it’s not that strong. You really have to pack it on to get that blackness. (Granted, this might be a bit more useful if you don’t demand pure black voids where your eyes ought to be.)

Back to Black has been discontinued. It’s a slightly sparkly charcoal gray, and I’m not sure whether that was on par with the description or not.

And the last of the swatches!

And the last of the swatches!

Astro is a slightly more orangey red then Cherry Bomb, and the pink sparkle really shows over a sticky base. I kind of like Cherry Bomb more, since it’s a lot cooler and I like cooler colours, but that’s probably more personal preference than any sort of objective quality analysis.

Anything Goes is also discontinued. It’s a sort of blue-toned gray with rainbow sparkle. I don’t know how to feel about it, since it just sort of grays out in any sort of practical application, but it’s a neat idea.

1983 is a frosty bright blue. I wasn’t exactly around in 1983, but I’ve been told it’s quite period-accurate.

The two free samples I got were of glitter, which I am not as good with. I might have to experiment a bit, though, since according to the photos in the listing, these are safe for eye use. Filthy Rich is a grassy green glitter, and Sex Shooter is a purply pink.

Red Red Wine, China Girl, and Evidence on a face.

Red Red Wine, China Girl, and Evidence on a face.

Overall, I’m pretty happy. The mattes in particular had nice textures, and the shimmers were pretty good as well. I don’t know if I’d order again since I can’t get them shipped to me and each container is 7 dollars, which strikes me as a bit pricy. (Note- the jar weights vary by colour, but they all appear to have at least 3 grams in.) That said, they are nice eyeshadows, and if they had a sale and shipped to Canada, I’d be all over that.


3 thoughts on “Siren Cosmetics

  1. V says:

    $25 is a lot for flat rate shipping. I could understand the flat rate if it was something low like $5 but jeez. I do like the how vibrant the colors are though

    • I know, right? BPAL has a similar thing, and it really puts a damper on my enthusiasm. Like, seriously, I know full well that even a padded envelope full of samples costs like eight dollars max, there is no reason to use the flat rate boxes unless I’m making a ridiculously huge order.

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