Life’s Entropy- Lip Theories and More

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Life’s Entropy recently, which is why I let the blogger pack I ordered sit in a drawer for like a month. (In my defense, the shop was closed for most of that time.) Oops. This is apparently how lax I get when school is back in session.

Pretty packaging has been thrown in a corner. Oops.

Pretty packaging has been thrown in a corner. Oops.

I forgot to get a picture of all the packaging together, but rest assured it was gorgeous. I got the blogger pack, and she threw in a bunch of extra eyeshadow samples since it shipped late. She also included a discount code, but it was expired a few days after I got the package. (Granted, I never really use those anyway, but still.)

Eyeshadow swatches! Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the bottom.

Eyeshadow swatches! Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the bottom.

Black Hole is a black base with a strong indigo shimmer. Like all the eyeshadows I got, it does best over Pixie Epoxy or Milk, but even over primer, it’s nice.

Shadow Walk is a chocolatey brown with a greenish-gold shift.

Moonlight Shadow was the full-size I got. It’s a bit brighter than it looks on the website, with a kind of opalescent sheen.

Refraction is a shimmery purple. It was one of the few I didn’t really think were stunningly unique, but it’s still a pretty solid shimmery purple.

I love almost everything about Dismember except how it didn’t show up in the photograph as beautifully as it does in real life. It’s slightly darker than my skin, with a really strong red shift that shows up wonderfully in certain lights. Just not, you know, any in my house apparently.

Horsing Around is a lot like Dismember but a darker brown. They’re a good go-to kind-of-pretending-to-be-neutral eye for me.

Astral Imprisonment is a blackened foresty green. It’s got a nice emerald shimmer that’s strong enough that I wouldn’t immediately describe it as a glittery black.

More from the same arm of swatches.

More from the same arm of swatches.

Exorcism is a light magenta with a light green sheen over a sticky base. It’s a pretty colour, and I’ve found a few different places to tuck it on my face.

Smoke Screen has sort of a brown base with what looks like a purple glow. It is a touch streaky when swatching, but I haven’t noticed it on the face.

Owl Always Love You is a grayish-beige. Honestly, there’s not too much I can say about this. I didn’t get too much of the duochrome effect from it. It was a nice pun, though.

Just Kitten is a warm pinky base with a bunch of gold shimmer. It’s a good bit goldier than rosy if you’re looking for your perfect rose gold.

Nucleus on the lips, and Neutrino used to contour.

Nucleus on the lips, and Neutrino used to contour.

I’ll start with talking about the Particle Contour Stick. I got Neutrino because I am cool-toned as heck. The formula was pretty great- it was easily buildable or blendy as the case may require. However, I found the colour still looked orangey on me when I build it up. I don’t know if I’m just used to blue blush or whatever, but I was not the hugest fan. That is just my skin colour and personal preferences, though, and the product itself was pretty great, so if you are not currently wearing my face I’d give it a go. (If you are currently wearing my face, it’s time to rethink your life choices.

Now, for the Lip Theories. Oh my god. The Lip Theories. I’ve found a black that lasts through anything. Heavy kissing, eating a whole damn pizza- anything. This is Nucleus which I got in a full-size. I’m so glad I did. This is fantastic. It starts off slightly glossy, then dries down to matte. It lasts for, like, ever with no bleeding and very little fading. Yusss.

Osmosis on my face.

Osmosis and Alloy on my face.

Two of the samples I got were of Osmosis and Alloy. The lip swatch is of them mixed, although I did wear Osmosis on its own. I found that Alloy really decreased the wear time, unfortunately. It wasn’t a full opaque white, and was my least favourite. I can’t speak to whether Osmosis is a dupe for OCC’s RX, but it looks close to online swatches.

Also, I should note that the lipstick tester, a science guy, thought that the sample tubes were adorable.

Vaccine on my face.

Vaccine on my face.

Vaccine is pretty close to NSFW from OCC. I just like it a lot more, since I personally can’t handle the lip tar formulas. I’ve never been able to make the Lip Tars stay on, but these are easy enough for a dork like me to use.

Big Bang Theory on my face.

Big Bang Theory on my face.

I kind of really super want a full size of Big Bang Theory. It’s a deep, sexy dark red- just goth enough for me while at the same time, just normal enough for my work. It also lasts as long as the rest.

Overall, I’d highly recommend Life’s Entropy. The Lip Theories are a huge standout for me, and I also quite liked the eyeshadows. While the contour stick isn’t my bag, it’s entirely a personal thing, and if you wear normal cheek colours you may like them more.


8 thoughts on “Life’s Entropy- Lip Theories and More

  1. Emma Crew says:

    Very nice! I got the contour stick sampler set but I haven’t had much chance to play with them. I am also super pale, but warm toned, which seems to help in the world of contours. I cannot find the perfect CONCEALER, but I’m still trying. I got a few lip theory samples to play with color mixing and boy, the tiniest bit of that blue goes a looooong way.

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