A Whole Whackload Of Notoriously Morbid

Hello, internet makeup friends! First, my apologies for not posting as much of late. I was ridiculously busy, and then when my schedule cleared up, I found myself where I currently am- housesitting, where the only computer I have access to runs Windows XP. As a result, I don’t exactly have access to my regular photo editor program or usual fonts. So, you know, if you read my blog for the font choice, sorry. But let me know if there’s anything weird about this post in the formatting, and I’ll try to fix it.

Spooky scary!

Spooky scary!

This post will actually be covering two Notoriously Morbid orders. I made this one with a bunch of samples, and then the September Vanishing Cabinet came out. This is an anomaly for a few reasons. Not only do I generally not make a new order from a company until I review the last one, I don’t bother with LE collections that you have to be awake at a certain time to get. However, not only was I coincidentally online and about to make an indie order from another company when it came out, this one was based around Tim Curry, so, you know, yes. That’ll be at the end of the review, though. This is just a selection of stuff from the various collections that NM has released without me noticing somehow.

Anyway. Spooky bag. I ate the Tootsie Pop. I still really like the Coffin Kisser formula- Cara And Mel’s Revenge smells like caramel which is nice.

So much dang eyeshadow. Pixie Epoxy on the left, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

So much dang eyeshadow. Pixie Epoxy on the left, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

Fierce Poison is one of the newer shadows, based on Poison Ivy. It’s a sort of olive green, with a slight red sheen in certain lights. The website swatch is pretty accurate- while the red could be stronger, it’s at a nice level.

British Blondes appears to not be on the website any more. I’m not too bummed about that, since it’s not really my favourite. It’s a shimmery creamed corn yellow, which is not normally my jam.

Purrfect Thief comes off as a deep navy blue with a blackened base. Even over just plain old primer, the indigo shimmer really dominates.

Mystique is a greenish teal. I wouldn’t say it’s blue in its truest form as such, but it’s not bad by any standard.

Walkin’ On Sunshine is a bright purple with a blue shift. I’d say you need a sticky base to get the full power out of this, since it really sheered out over primer.

Gilded Mirror is one of my favourites from this order. It’s a mauve base with a gold shift and I am a sucker for all of that.

Wayward Son is a very light shimmery pastel green-blue. It also looks a bit sheer over just regular primer.

Noble Rage is a black base with purple sparkles. Unfortunately, the sparkles aren’t quite as strong as they are on the site swatch, and I’d certainly have trouble justifying getting a full-size.

Goblet Of Red is another one I love. It’s a bright cool red with a really strong blue shift, especially over Pixie Epoxy. This is a fantastic duochrome, and I want all of it. Look at that. I mean, ever since I heard that a certain indie owner was thinking of me when she created a lipstick, I’m a bit paranoid that people are basing their new collections around my blog, but I don’t even care.

Sexy Psycho is a bit like Goblet of Red. The red is warmer, and the shift is more silvery and also it’s based off Harley Quinn. I’d say Goblet for cool skin tones and Psycho for warm and both for me.

Belle’s Bounty is a sparkly yellow-gold.

Blush and lip gloss swatches!

Blush and lip gloss swatches!

Cartomancy is a cool matte lilac blush. I found it relatively easy to blend out without looking like I had bright purple cheeks.

Necromancy is… not for me. (At least, the contour product isn’t.) It is, indeed, very pigmented. That swatch is from dipping the tip of a fluffy eyeshadow brush into the baggie and blending it all across my arm. For paler people, it can be a bit tricky to use, especially if you put it on over liquid foundation. It took a bit longer than most blushes do for me, and I’m far too busy for that. It isn’t a bad product, but I don’t think I’d need the full-size.

I also got a Lipcraft lip gloss in Cosmic Gulfs (aka the purple one. You know me.) On the arm, it looks like a pleasing red-violet.

Lipcraft gloss, Necromancy contour, and Belle's Bounty and Sexy Psycho on the eyes.

Lipcraft gloss in Cosmic Gulfs, Necromancy contour, and Belle’s Bounty and Sexy Psycho on the eyes.

Previously, I hadn’t liked the Notoriously Morbid gloss sample I got too much. Luckily for me, this turned out to be because it was in a clamshell and I was applying with my finger. Applied with the doefoot from the tube, it doesn’t feel nearly as slippery, and is quite tolerable. Plus it’s a nice colour to wear to work where I’m trying to sneak more colourful makeup in. (Soon I’ll have my blues in there.)

Vanishing Cabinet packet!

Vanishing Cabinet packet!

And now to talk about the September VC. I do appreciate all the different little bags they have going on. It’s a nice touch. The chocolate was a bit smooshed, but that’s not really Notoriously Morbid’s fault.

The act of ordering the box went pretty smoothly. I only wanted the one, so I subscribed and then quickly unsubscribed so I didn’t have to remember, and it all worked out fine. My coupon code didn’t work on it, but that’s reasonable, especially for a monthly thing.

Eyeshadow swatches! Primer on the right, NYX Milk in the middle, Pixie Epoxy on the left.

Eyeshadow swatches! Primer on the right, NYX Milk in the middle, Pixie Epoxy on the left.

Overall, the shadows all look like they were meant to go together. This is my neutral palette, I guess.

They All Float is a pigmented white with pink shimmer. This is where my hipster kicks in going “ugh, I thought they were going for obscure Tim Curry roles!”

Once In A Purple Moon, named after his role in The Worst Witch, is a bright, shimmery pink. It’s a nice colour, but the least exciting in the box.

Wadsworth is my favourite in the box. It’s a sort of rusty red with a strong green duochrome. (I also really love Clue, so I might be biased.)

Solace of Shadows is a dark brown with purple shimmer. I haven’t yet seen Legend, so I don’t know if it’s suiting to the film, but it’s a nice colour.

Toxic Love is a guest shadow from AFK Cosmetics, which I thought was a neat touch. It’s a light bluey pink with a bunch of shimmer.

Officer Friendly is from this month’s VC, based around the Walking Dead. It’s a sort of orangey shade with cool shimmer.

By night I'm a helluva lover. And by day, too. I'm just great. (Wadsworth, Solace of shadows, and They All Float on the eyes.)

By night I’m a helluva lover. And by day, too. I’m just great. (Wadsworth, Solace of shadows, and They All Float on the eyes.)

The gloss, Helluva Lover, is a bit more opaque than Cosmic Gulfs, which I like. It’s a bright cherry red, and I quite like it.

I’d definitely consider getting the VC again- I think I got pretty good value out of it, even if they didn’t include the Muppet Treasure Island on the list of Tim Curry films. (Tim Curry singing about how great it is to be a pirate with a bunch of Muppets is the best thing.) I don’t think there are any colours I won’t use, and I do like that you can see in advance what you’re getting and opt in or out because you have too many glittery blacks or something.


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