More BeautyBarBaby lipsticks!

After my last order, I saw that there were more Poe-themed lipsticks, and of course I got in on that when they next had a sale. Because what I clearly need are more black lipsticks.

My little order!

My little order!

I ordered two lipsticks, a sample of the Ritualistic lip gloss, and the mattifying lip powder.

First things first- I could not for the life of me get the lip powder to work. I tried it with all sorts of different lipsticks, but it went from zero to weird and grainy way too quick for me. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the product or just user error, but it was a nuisance.

Ritualistic Lip Potion

Ritualistic Lip Potion

It appears that they’re currently out of Ritualistic lip gloss, although there is another shade that looks more blue-ish. Personally, as you might have guessed, I’m not really thrilled. The colour is pretty opaque, but I find the gloss is too sticky for me, since the closest I get to having my hair back is backcombing it to a huge tradgoth mass and I live in a windy city. I also found it didn’t play well with the clamshell, since lip brushes wouldn’t quite work with it. Still, if you’re a lip gloss fan, I would say it’s far from the worst out there.

Nevermore lipstick.

Nevermore lipstick.

Nevermore is still on the site, thankfully. It’s a black lipstick, with a super-creamy finish. With these lipsticks, I’ve found that to be a double-edged sword. They do go on very opaque, which is a plus for me, but on the other hand, they come off on tea mugs, sandwiches, and boyfriends like that. I’ve run out of lip sealant, so something in that vein might help. Their pigmented nature also ensures that, even after half of it has come off on whatever I’m kissing or eating, my lips don’t look too bad, but I do need a bit of a touch up.

Eleanora lipstick.

Eleanora lipstick.

Eleanora is a deep, purplish burgundy. It’s a bit purpler than the posted swatch, and has the same creamy finish.

I don’t know if I’d flat-out recommend these lipsticks. Overall, it depends on how much you care about your lipstick. If you lead a busy lifestyle where you have to do a bunch of stuff and can’t pay attention to your lipstick smudging, I wouldn’t recommend it. They’re on the high-maintenance end of lip products I’m willing to deal with, but I think the pigmentation makes them worth it for me.


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