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I’ve heard a lot of things, both good and bad, about Geek Chic Cosmetics. I’ll be honest- the company aesthetic never really strongly appealed to me. While I do partake in the geeky a bit, I’m hardly too invested in most of the typical “geek” collections, and the ones I do love never seem to merit collections. (Where is my X-Files makeup I mean SERIOUSLY.) As such, companies formed around nerdy makeup often don’t raise my interest the way things with black or skulls do. But at some point, Geek Chic was putting some old stuff on clearance, so I figured “might as well.”

My little collection!

My little collection!

I ordered two Joysticks, and five eyeshadow samples, and that’s what I got. The samples are in clamshells, which is kind of a damnable nuisance since there’s no way to open these ones without a tiny explosion of powder all over your fingers. Still, that’s one of the decisions that I totally get, since it is also a damnable nuisance to fill sample baggies and from what I’ve seen, people are split about 50/50 on their favourite sample conveyance methods.

Eyeshadow swatches. Pixie Epoxy on the left, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right. You know how I do things.

Eyeshadow swatches. Pixie Epoxy on the left, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right. You know how I do things.

Okay, you know what I just said about things I love never being made into makeup? Revolutionary Girl Utena is actually kind of the exception to that, apparently. I’ve sort of fallen out of anime, but I may or may not be listening to the theme right now. I recommend this anime. Don’t watch the movie first. As for the eyeshadow, it’s lovely- a bright, cool pink with a faint blue shift.

Combustible Lemon is one of the discontinued shades. It’s a bright yellow with red glitter that has the effect of looking like darker spots, which is kind of neat. It’s a bit less opaque than I would make it if I were completely in control, and the swatch made the glitter look like it was a lot more present than it is.

Untimely Love is also discontinued, and I’m really sad about it. It’s a slightly brownish red with this really strong fantastic green duochrome. The image on the site didn’t even do it justice- it looked like a brown with relatively sparse green glitter.

I got Bad Wolf because Eccleston is my favourite Doctor and I’m still bitter about Moffat’s writing. On the site swatch, it looks like a black base with all sorts of multidimensional glitter in there, and in the clamshell it looks black. On my skin, however, it sort of morphs into a sparkly lavender. Not a bad colour, to be sure, but not what I was expecting.

Non-Euclidean is also discontinued, which I am sad about because look at that shift. Look at it. Again, the swatch and site description were kind of off- it’s listed as a semi-sheer black, but it’s pretty pigmented, and there was no red glitter to be seen. I’m not disappointed because it’s pretty, but I do feel that there is some discrepancy between the swatches and the product.

Hipster Ariel on my face.

Hipster Ariel on my face.

I ordered a few Joysticks (their lipsticks) as well, just because I like me some lipstick. I have to say, the labels were kind of hard to figure out, since you have to twist them in a certain way to split the top and bottom. I might also be bad at lipstick. They also have just plain paper labels, which I can deal with for eyeshadows but gets beaten up quickly if you carry your lipsticks in a purse, like you’re some sort of person who eats or something. The buttercream scent can be a bit overpowering when you put them on, but it does fade relatively quickly.

Of course I got the blue one. Hipster Ariel is a metallic sort of teal. It comes off as a blue base with a slightly gold sheen, which is neat. Of the two, it has the shorter lasting power, but it still lasted a good six hours before I touched it up. It’s pretty opaque- the arm swatch up there is one swipe. I would say the colour is a bit light for me to wear every day, but overall, I’m pretty pleased.

Stay Classy on my face.

Stay Classy on my face.

Stay Classy, though. It has sort of a demimatte finish, and it lasted through about eight hours. Make this in a navy blue and I’ll buy three. My main complaint is that it isn’t actually the colour shown on the site- it’s a lot more purply than the brownish-red shown. I can wear it to work, but it’s definitely not a red lipstick.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with my Geek Chic order. My main complaint is that a lot of the site swatches appear to be completely off when it comes to colour. Personally, I’d have to refer to blogger swatches before making another purchase, just to get an idea of the colours.


5 thoughts on “Geek Chic Cosmetics

  1. Oh my gosh, Revolutionary Girl Utena was like my favorite anime in high school! I’m also kind of tempted by Hipster Ariel, even though I suspect my skin tone might be too warm for it.

    • It’s so pretty and it’s got cute girls with swords. That’s, like, everything I love.

      And yeah, I can see how it would be a difficult colour. I’m not sure if I really super like it on my face, you know?

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