Notoriously Morbid’s Grisly Grimoire

I managed to get this year’s Notoriously Morbid Halloween collection, if only because it was a preorder thing and not a “you have to be home and not working or otherwise busy and also you have to have money at some point between 2 AM and 3 AM when they sell out” thing. Plus this one is proper witchy, which is kind of my thing, so I was so in.

My little package!

My little package!

The Grisly Grimoires set came in a little box that looks like a book. I have to say, this year’s version does look a lot more professional than last year’s coffin. (That said, I am still using the coffin for storage, since it’s actually adorable.) I also got the COTM, Creepy Green Light, and a sample of this year’s Black Friday set.

Inside the box!

Inside the box!

Everything was quite nicely packed away in there. Unfortunately, my little Necronomicon leaked, so there’s black smudges inside my grimoire box now. I thought I remembered NM shadows being shrink wrapped, but these were just held shut with little bits of black and white dotted tape.

All unboxed!

All unboxed!

The Grisly Grimoire set included six full-size shadows, a mini blush, a coffin kisser, and a little hand of fate charm.

The coffin kisser I got seems a lot less soft than the other ones I have. It might be a side effect of the new tubes, which are round instead of oval, or it might be a formulation change. It’s supposed to taste like brandied apricots- while I’ve never tasted brandied apricots, it did taste slightly boozy and fruity, so good enough for me.

Woo, spooooky.

Woo, spooooky.

My charm was pretty well-sculpted, and I thought it was pretty cute. The ball inside mine was orange, instead of the purple pictured in the listing, but it was a sweet little addition. Unfortunately, I clipped it to a bracelet of mine, and it snagged on something and broke the chain almost immediately, so if you have one of these, best beware of any stress you could put on it. That said, I might just lead a really extreme hardcore lifestyle, and the charm will end up stitched to a choker soon anyway.

What you're all here for. Here are some swatches. Pixie Epoxy on the left, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

What you’re all here for. Here are some swatches. Pixie Epoxy on the left, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

A few of the items in here are still available on the overstock page, if you want to grab some separate from the set.

Clavicule of Solomon is a light cool pink with a gentle purply shift. In some lights, it looks almost subtly iridescent.

I can probably forgive Necronomicon, both for leaking all over my box and for having a name that I always want to type out as Necro-Comic-Con. It’s got a black base and a warm purply shift, although I didn’t really see any honey sparks.

Book Of Shadows is fantastic and I love it. It’s like the eyeshadow version of Alchimia Apothecary’s Deadly Nightshade lipstick, which I still love. It’s a slightly grayish purple with a really bright grassy green shift that is amazing.

Book Of Honorius ends up looking like an inverted version of Book Of Shadows. It’s a Hulk-toned green with a purple duochrome in it. Very neat.

Continued swatch arm! Same order of primers.

Continued swatch arm! Same order of primers.

Magus come off as sort of a periwinkle blue. It’s very shimmery, and you can kind of see a red shift if you’re really looking, but it’s the only one I wasn’t super excited about.

Dragon Rouge is a bright, salmony coral with a ton of gold shimmer in there. It’s a really pretty colour, even if it’s not my typical choice. Perhaps it should be. I like it.

Creepy Green Light was the October Colour of the Month. It’s a bright, yellowy green with a bunch of greenish shimmer in it. Again, not my usual, but not bad for free.

I think Nothing Is Trivial is a really interesting colour and I hope I get a Black Friday set. (Also so I can hopefully get a discount code again so I can keep affording this stuff.) It’s a sheer blue with a really strong white-gold shift that doesn’t photograph well at all but is really, really stunning in person.

Grand Oracle looks quite patchy if you accidentally have bits of primer left on your arm when you swatch it. Oops. It’s a matte mauve blush that’s pretty pigmented. I had to work pretty hard to get it to not look like some sort of skin infection on my face, but if you’re darker-skinned than I, it would probably look super nice. I eventually just gave up and used it as a contour.

Book of Honorius, Book of Shadows, and Necronomicon on the eyes, and Grand Oracle as a contour.

Book of Honorius, Book of Shadows, and Necronomicon on the eyes, and Grand Oracle as a contour.

Overall, I was pretty thrilled with this set. While the charm wasn’t the finest, I was still more than impressed with the duochromes on display. Notoriously Morbid has been a neat little company since their inception, and I’m really wowed by their progress. Good on you, guys. Keep doing your thing.


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