More Darling Girl shinies!

This is actually two Darling Girl orders that I made, one of which was for a sale or something and the other because I really really wanted some red gel eyeliner. I should note that the customer service was pretty good- they ended up being sent together, and Susan noticed that I had a few duplicate items. She e-mailed me to ask if I wanted to make any substitutions, which I did because I am pretty scatterbrained.

Bag of goodies!

Where do you even get purple bubble mailers?

I ordered a few full-size shadows, a cream liner in Crimson Queen, a bunch of samples, and a few Pretty Mistakes colours. She included a few other samples, the GWP colour for both the orders, and a sticker.

Eyeshadow swatches! Pixie Epoxy on the left, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

Eyeshadow swatches! Pixie Epoxy on the left, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

Triple Dog Dare is a sort of mossy foresty green with a purple shimmer. Weirdly enough, I found the shimmer didn’t show over PE, but it did over NYX Milk. Weird. Eerie.

I don’t mind looking directly at Eclipse. It’s a red-violet base, with a light orangey shift to it under certain lights. It’s one of the colours I like to use all over my eye and see what happens.

The Morbid Angel spectral shift can supposedly be used as an eyeshadow, a highlighter, or a blush. I’m going to play around with it a bit, since I am always looking for ways to make my face look weird. It comes off as a slightly gray-toned silver with a bit of purple sparkle.

Spellbound is totally different from Eclipse and I totally need both of them. It’s a sort of grayish purple, with a similar coppery shift to Eclipse. It’s a bit cooler in tone and a lot less opaque than Eclipse is. I personally am happy with just having Eclipse in a full-size, but it’s totally a personal thing.

Video Killed The Radio Star is a sparkly silver. Depending on the light, it can look purple, blue, or almost white.

Hey Mickey is so fine. It’s so fine it blows my mind. It’s a bright, cool red with a bluish silver shift in, which is all kinds of things I like.

Same arm of swatches.

Same arm of swatches.

Turning Japanese is a weird colour. When I put it on, it looked the same as Barbarella does there. However, in the light closer to the window, it looks a lot more yellowy. It’s cool but I’m not sure how to use it.

Barbarella is a light pinky gold with a bunch of sparkle in there. It’s a really pretty colour, and pretty versatile, I think?

Bio-Exorcist. Yussss. I love everything about this. I love that it’s named after Beetlejuice, since I totally rocked a Lydia costume this year for Halloween. I love that it’s a charcoal black with subtle shimmer until it’s over a sticky base, which is when it turns into a shiny blue-green shift similar to a beetle shell or something. This is good.

I Melt With You is a lot more subtle. It’s a reddish purple that has this purple iridescence about it that glows in some lights.

Safety Dance is not subtle at all ever. It’s a bright red-orange with a slight blue sparkle to it. It’s fantastically bright and opaque, if that’s your thing.

Strange And Unusual is also lovely. It’s a cool purple with a strong blue sheen to it.

Come On Eileen was kind of cut off by resizing or something, sorry! If it helps, this is possibly the least fun colour I ended up with. It’s a light blue-green with a touch of sparkle, and it was the only one I wasn’t really excited about. Still, I got the sample just for the name, so that’s to be expected.

Arm of things you can't get right now. Ha, ha, I win. Same primer order for the shadows.

Arm of things you can’t get right now. Ha, ha, I win. Same primer order for the shadows.

The gel liner I ordered, Crimson Queen, came with a tiny brush. I found the brush to be too floppy for my eyeliner needs, however. It’s a bright cool red with a bit of blue-purple shimmer in it. I found it fairly long-lasting, even on my oily lids. It was pretty opaque, as well. However, I found that it did transfer a bit before it set.

Chick Magnet is part of the now-discontinued Darling Chicks collection. It’s a light magenta colour with a bit of subtle gold in there.

I am so sad that I can’t get a full-size of Vicar In A Tutu. It’s a light pearly white with a bunch of silver and pink interference, and it’s named after the Smiths. I missed out.

Wiggle was one of the COTWs that I got. It’s a light, pretty lavender with a bit of iridescence in there.

D’Lilac Sun is what I wanted Chick Magnet to be. It’s a light magenta with a super strong gold duochrome. I’m thankful that this is the one I got the full-size of.

I also got three Pretty Mistakes. One was a bright, shiny gold, one was a light, pearly pink-white colour, and one was a bright turquoise. I like all of them, and I think it would be really neat if there was a label or something saying which DG colour they were going for, in case I had it and could compare. I do like them, though, and think it’s a neat option for an indie to have.

Crimson Queen liner with Bio-exorcist, Hey Mickey, and Video Killed The Radio Star.

Crimson Queen liner with Bio-exorcist, Hey Mickey, and Video Killed The Radio Star. Also I cut my hair.

So yeah- I’d totally buy from Darling Girl again. I probably will for the Black Friday sale, as a matter of fact. Beautiful shadows, and I was really impressed with the gel liner I managed to get my hands on.


2 thoughts on “More Darling Girl shinies!

  1. bethany says:

    Hi Bobbie, My name’s Bethany, & I thinl your blog is awesome! I actually found your blog by looking for indie brands who carry blue lipstick. It’s awesome to know i’m not the only one who stalks everywhere for blue lipstick LMAO anyway, i love your blog. Keep up the good work! – Bethany

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