Life’s Entropy Mini Order

Okay, indies, I give up. Everyone I swatch for ends up being closed before I get around to writing the review. I’m very happy you all are closed over Christmas to see your families, but this is leaving a crimp in my linking to your pages style. So here’s what I got from Life’s Entropy on Black Friday. Someone remind me to add the links in when they open up again.

Little mini-package!

Little mini-package! Did you know that my cheap camera doesn’t play well with foil? Now you do!

I didn’t order too much from them, since I was trying to save a bit of money. However, I decided I really did need a full-size of Big Bang Theory, and I really wanted to try the brow pomade. I also got a free sample of Enchant and a little candy cane that I ate.

Swatches, all labelled. Enchant is swatched over Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, and primer on the bottom. The others are over bare skin.

Swatches, all labelled. Enchant is swatched over Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, and primer on the bottom. The others are over bare skin.

I’ve already talked about Big Bang Theory in my previous review. I still really like the colour, but I wish I had some left in my sample- the full-size that I got isn’t as dark as the sample looked on me, and I’d like to compare them. This is a lot closer to Vaccine from the same review, which is a nice colour but not what I wanted. I’m almost out of Nucleus, so mixing is going to get a bit tricky. I mean, this could be a sign that not every red I own has to be dark, but that’s just silly.

Ebony is a slightly brown-toned black. It’s pretty opaque. I’m not too good at talking about brow products, but I think it’s appropriately dark for my face.

Enchant is a bright lime green with a slight golden sheen. I should really stop buying green eyeshadows since I never really wear them, but this is a nice one.

Before and after the brow pomade.

Before and after the brow pomade. Next time, I might want to clean up my grandpa brows before reviewing eyebrow products.

Okay, so if you get the brow pomade, you might want to go for a smaller brush than a full-size angled brush. That said, once I got the hang of it and used a lighter hand, it looked really nice- it defined my brows nicely and filled in the patchy scar bit without looking too horribly unnatural. I dipped my brush in the clamshell three times for both brows, and barely made a dent. It also helped hold my wild, unruly brow hairs in place, which is nice because some of these suckers are an inch long.

As for the lasting time, the swatch stained my arm for a day and a half of scrubbing every time I went to the bathroom. I’m now finishing day three of my brows looking exactly like they did on the first day. I’ve washed my face four times and taken a full-on bath. I may have inadvertently tattooed power brows on my face. It has lost some of its holding power over that time, but the colour holds strong. I kind of want a full-size of this, since it will probably last my whole life and through the lives of any children I might give birth to, adopt, or steal. (It’ll be like Oliver but in the future and with better eyebrows. Broadway, call me.)

The bit with the selfie. All the products on my face.

The bit with the selfie. All the products on my face.

I do like my little order, although I’m kind of disappointed at Big Bang Theory being the wrong colour. I will probably get the Brow Theory when they reopen, though, since it is a pretty neat product and I need a replacement for Nucleus soon. (Especially if I mix a bit with Big Bang every time I go out.)


5 thoughts on “Life’s Entropy Mini Order

  1. Don’t worry I’m always late on my swatch posts too. XD Also that brow pomade sounds awesome. I wish she made some in pink. >.> Cause I’d buy the hell out of that when I got some money.

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