Dark Heart Designs

Alright, so I made an order from Dark Heart Designs on the 7th of January, and I got it a few weeks ago. The owner has been going through some personal issues, and when I made the order, there were still people waiting from November for shipping notifications or updates. (I found out about this after making the order.) I don’t know if I’m particularly lucky with this sort of thing or if I have a blog with my uncommon first name in the title or something, but I found service relatively prompt. Do keep in mind that this isn’t a universal thing, though- and if you’ve ordered recently, let me know how your experience went so I can see if I just ordered at the right time or something.

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Femme Fatale swatches

Finally, places are opening up again and I’ve got a bit of free time! I’ve actually made two Femme Fatale orders that were waiting to be reviewed- one during some sale or other, and one when they announced that they were going to stop selling sample baggies. It includes some colour overlap because I’m really predictable and always want the same colours.

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