Femme Fatale swatches

Finally, places are opening up again and I’ve got a bit of free time! I’ve actually made two Femme Fatale orders that were waiting to be reviewed- one during some sale or other, and one when they announced that they were going to stop selling sample baggies. It includes some colour overlap because I’m really predictable and always want the same colours.

Packages in the post!

Packages in the post!

I made a few orders- one back when they stopped doing samples, and one during some sale or other. (That ought to date these pretty well. I swear that heart lollipop was unseasonal, and that these haven’t just been sitting around for a year.)

First arm of swatches! Pixie Epoxy on the left, NYX milk on the middle, primer on the right.

First arm of swatches! Pixie Epoxy on the left, NYX milk on the middle, primer on the right.

Faerie Fire is listed as a lavender with lime gold sparkles. Personally, the lime-ness didn’t really come out that much, and it instead looked silver. This shade is a little bit sheer, and I can easily imagine myself using it as a blush accidentally-on-purpose.

Efflorescence is listed as a light orchid purple with green sparks. I’m really quite predictable when it comes down to it. I wouldn’t say you need this one and Faerie Fire, and of the two, I prefer Efflorescence. The base is more opaque, the shimmer is a bit greener, and it generally is a bit more oomphy.

Spirit Bond is a deep blue-purple with a green-gold duochrome. This is one that I absolutely adore. Over any sort of sticky base, the duochrome stands out fantastically.

Sugar Rush is a bright orchid purple with a greenish-blue shimmer. Really, companies need to stop letting me pick out colours. This is a lot brighter and cooler than the other purples so far.

Nightlash is absolutely stunning. It’s a reddish-purple with a strong copper shift and it reminds me of velvet. In the right light it’s just on fire. I’m already halfway through the sample.

Spectral Fragments is a deep burgundy-toned brown with bright blue-green shimmer. It doesn’t need much to set off the sparkle, and blends out really nicely.


Same arm, same primers.

Star’s Sorrow is totally different from Sugar Rush because reasons or something. The purple is a bit cooler, and the shimmer a bit less green. This is another pair you don’t really need both of, to be honest.

Velvet Fog is a gray-toned purple with bright blue shimmer. It looks completely different from the site swatches- on the site, the base looks almost black, but this is definitely another purple. (This one is not my fault.)

Temporal Shift is another one that looks really different in person. The base is a lot less black, leaving a gleaming olivey-gold thing. It’s beautiful, but a bit less typical of me.

Spells Of Shadow, on the other hand, is Very Me Indeed. It’s a deep, dark charcoal with a bright purple sheen. Everything I like. It applies beautifully, even on the bits of bare skin I leave in between.

Underlord is a deep raspberry with hints of green shimmer that just sort of peek out in really bright light. Another really nice one that isn’t purple.

More swatches! New arm, same order!

More swatches! New arm, same order!

Rampage is a deep brick red with a light copper shimmer. The thumbnail doesn’t do it justice. Click through to check that lovely baby out.

Dreamstate is a royal blue with purple and blue sparks playing through it. I’ve tried it out, and it actually looks really nice in the crease without pixie epoxy, which is an achievement.

Wisp is a very sheer gray with a bright sky blue duochrome. If I had more time to play around, I’d try layering this over another shadow, but as is, it’s just in the “sadly subtle” pile.

Sugar Rush is still Sugar Rush.


Same primers again! Sheesh, I am predictable.

Phantasm is a light, pastel purple with a slight orangey shimmer. This is another really quite sheer one.

Starcaller is less sheer. It’s a really light blue with a violet-red shift that makes me weirdly happy.

Seafire is a slightly grayish turquoise with a golden shimmer to it. The pink sparks hardly show up at all, unfortunately, but it’s still a pretty colour.

There’s no picture up of Moonglow right now. It’s a light blue with a bright shiny gold duochrome, and it’s really pretty.

How long is my arm?

How long is my arm?

Impsy looks like what would happen if Nightlash and Spirit Bond had a baby and I’m really loving it. It’s a deep purple with a really strong gold duochrome that looks fantastic over sticky bases.

Sunfire isn’t too reminiscent of the Pontiac. It’s a light salmon pink with a gold shift in it.

Wizards Only, Fools unfortunately looks completely different from the swatch photos on the site. On my screen, it looks like a deep burgundy with coppery shimmer, but on my arm, it’s a smokey purple with very little shimmer at all. I guess I’m not a wizard. 😦

Flare sounds like it ought to be similar to Sunfire, but they’re pretty obviously different. Flare is a slightly muted red with gold shimmer- I find the shift isn’t as strong as it is with Sunfire, so it looks a lot more like a shimmery coral as opposed to a pink.

That's it for swatches. I promise.

That’s it for swatches. I promise.

Royal Tarts is a lot less washed out in real life than it is on the website. It looks really brownish and dusty on there, but on my arm, it’s just sorta pink with gold. Not a bad colour, but given how many of my colours could be described as “pink with gold,” it’s a bit underwhelming, especially since it’s not really pigmented or anything.

I’m so happy I have two Underlord samples.

Marauders is a slightly sheer navy base with strong turquoise sparkles. I didn’t really get any of the icy blue or purple, which was sad, but I can handle it.

Smokebomb is a sort of chocolatey brown with subtle purple shimmer. I wouldn’t say it’s as pronounced as it is on the website, but it seems like a very useful shade that’s nto actually boring.

Some of these lovely colours on my face!

Some of these lovely colours on my face!

So yeah. Femme Fatale. Great duochromes. My main issue is that a lot of the colours are really, really off from the photos, especially the ones where the only image given is just the product. That plus high shipping and no more samples make me kind of nervous to order. That said, I’ve never been really horribly disappointed- I’d just advise perhaps not ordering everything in the same colour family or something.


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