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Alright, so I made an order from Dark Heart Designs on the 7th of January, and I got it a few weeks ago. The owner has been going through some personal issues, and when I made the order, there were still people waiting from November for shipping notifications or updates. (I found out about this after making the order.) I don’t know if I’m particularly lucky with this sort of thing or if I have a blog with my uncommon first name in the title or something, but I found service relatively prompt. Do keep in mind that this isn’t a universal thing, though- and if you’ve ordered recently, let me know how your experience went so I can see if I just ordered at the right time or something.

Package contents!

Package contents!

I ordered a lipstick and a few eyeshadow samples. When the order arrived, I found the samples upgraded to full-sized and a free blush thrown in, which was a nice gesture.

The little urn-shaped jars are very cute, and these ones I found a bit easier to use, since the sifters aren’t as loose in the openings. They don’t really fit into my standard eyeshadow storage units, which can be an issue.

Lipstick in my hand.

Lipstick in my hand. Also, evidence I own pants.

The lipstick came in a standard lipstick tube with the logo printed on the base, which I found looked pretty professional. I do prefer these to lip balm tubes, especially since the logo won’t come off banging around in my purse.

Swatches! Eyeshadow swatched with Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, and primer on the bottom. Blush and lipstick over bare skin.

Swatches! Eyeshadow swatched with Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the middle, and primer on the bottom. Blush and lipstick over bare skin.

I mostly ordered eyeshadow samples because I couldn’t justify paying shipping for just a lipstick. It makes sense if you’re me.

Audrey I ordered because I like black. It’s a matte black. You have to use this over some sort of primer to get it to be more than a smokey charcoal. Personally, that doesn’t bug me since I have to use primer anyway, but that is just me.

I ordered Catalyst because I’m a sucker for New Found Glory references. The colour itself doesn’t make me think of my junior high pop-punk days, but that might be for the best. It’s a purple with a pink sheen to it that looks brighter in any sort of light than it does in the jar.

I was in kind of a gray-purple mood when I added Eva to my order, and I’m pretty satisfied. It is certainly a gray-purple! The violet shimmer is pretty subtle, and mainly shows up in really bright lights.

I like to think Fire Light was included as a way of saying “dammit, put some actual colours that aren’t purple on your face.” Unfortunately, that attempt kind of failed. This is a really light blush. Like, it’s just dark enough that it would look like I had a shimmery orange spray tan if I used it as a highlighter. This swatch is the darkest I’ve managed to make it. I don’t really know who this blush is for- if you have darker, warmer skin it might work for highlighting, but it barely showed up on me. In the listing, it looks like it might be a bright orange. I can’t really see any purple undertones either, and without a listing swatch, I can’t even figure out what that’s supposed to mean.

It’s My Life is listed as a preorder, but if you order it, she’ll make it for you and ship it out. It was the reason I made this order, and I’m not sure I’m pleased with it. Let’s take a look at it on my face.

It's my face! All the eyeshadows on my eyes, It's My Life on my lips, and Fire Light on my cheeks, if you can see it.

It’s my face! All the eyeshadows on my eyes, It’s My Life on my lips, and Fire Light on my cheeks, if you can see it.

So let’s start with the obvious. It’s My Life is… not really my colour. It was kind of a crapshoot to order, since I really really loved the colour in the second website image and kind of didn’t love the colour in the first. On me, it’s just light enough to look like I sold my lips or something, but just warm enough that it doesn’t look quite ghoulish enough for me.

The lipstick is very opaque, and relatively long-lasting- while I didn’t wear it out of the house since this is a lipstick you really have to be in a certain mood for, I found it lasted through at least a few hours of snacking. The formula is good, I just wish the colour was a bit more accurate to the pictures. It looks like what I wanted was more like Love Is Dead, so if I order again once all the issues are sorted out, I’ll go back for it.

This wasn’t a stunning order, but the products were pretty solid. Most of my issues were with disliking colours, which aren’t universal. While I do think the site could do with more accurate swatches and a less confusing setup (gel liners are listed as pre-order and coming soon AND a few are sold out, what is even happening) I’d definitely consider ordering again.


2 thoughts on “Dark Heart Designs

  1. noblandmakeup says:

    I actually ordered from her last week before I checked some reviews about the wait time so hopefully I’ll get lucky as well…

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