Fyrinnae’s Liquid Matte!

I say matte instead of mattes because they don’t offer sample sizes and I’m not buying two of a new formula I don’t know if I like, especially with the exchange rate the way it is.

I have washed my tablecloth since I took this photo.

I have washed my tablecloth since I took this photo. Gross, self.

Of course, I ordered the blue one, Graffiti. I also ordered a sample of the Ominous lip lustre because that looked neat. My free sample was one of the Exquisite shadows, Dreamwoven Luxuries.

Arm swatches! Dreamwoven is swatched over PE on the top, NYX Milk in the middle, and primer on the bottom.

Arm swatches! Dreamwoven is swatched over PE on the top, NYX Milk in the middle, and primer on the bottom.

I’ll talk about the lipsticks a bit later on.

Dreamwoven Luxuries is part of the Exquisites collection, which apparently are new levelled up duochromes with about a million colours in there. According to the site description, “Away from direct light, this appears a complex blend of red and blue hues. Closer to light or at certain angles, it changes to shades of green and gold.” I honestly didn’t get that much of the red or blue in any light- to me, it just looked like a greenish copper. It’s a very nice greenish copper, but not a huge revolution. I wouldn’t have guessed that it was a new thing, as it’s on par with the rest of Fyrinnae’s duochromes. Over a black base, it looks like a dark greenish copper. This is one you definitely need some kind of primer or base for, since it’s really sheer without primer.

Ominous on my face.

Ominous on my face.

If you want to talk colour-changing, let’s talk about Ominous. On my arm, it’s a lot darker than it is on my face. What is even up with this? It’s a grayed-out lavender which is exactly the colour I wanted it to be. It’s got a creamy finish like the rest of the Lip Lustres. It doesn’t last forever, but it fades pretty evenly and since it’s pretty close to my natural lip colour (well okay, in comparison to lipsticks I usually go for) I don’t have to worry about it.

Graffiti on my face. (Someone call the cops.)

Graffiti on my face. (Someone call the cops.)

So, Liquid Mattes. I got Graffiti, the darker of the two blues in the original release. I’ve only tried a few liquid-to-matte lipsticks in my day, and most of them have been similar to the NYX Matte Lip Creams- a sort of creamier texture. This is liquid. Like, really liquid. I actually had to redo the first face I did with it because I left a huge glob on the bottom of my lip and it ran down my chin as if I was drooling blue. As well, for the first two minutes before it dried completely, if you’re not used to it, it feels weird as hell. You can sort of feel the powdery-yet-liquid finish on your lips and it’s just odd. That said, once it was on, I loved it. It did dry out pretty quickly, and once it was dry, it stayed on there through almost everything the lipstick tester and myself threw at it. It’s lasted through tea, snuggling, pastries, a snowstorm, and poutine. It did stain my lips, so if you’re not into blue lips forever you might want to steer clear, but otherwise, I was pretty satisfied, and would definitely buy again.

Quick housekeeping note- as you may have noticed, I’ve been updating a bit less often recently. I got a new job, which has been giving me a lot of hours. (This week, between work and school, not counting transit, I’ll be working about 64 hours. Yikes!) As well, I’m almost out of new products to review. I’ve got a bunch of perfumes that I’ve been trying to coagulate my thoughts about, but other than that, I’m almost done the drawer of envelopes. The Canadian dollar is low right now, so I’m trying to limit my buying a bit. Is there anything you’d like to see me talk about, whether it’s a new product that seems like it’s made for me or something involving my own stash like a tutorial or what scary amount of makeup I carry around with me at all times. Let me know, and thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Fyrinnae’s Liquid Matte!

  1. Ugh. I am dying to try their matte lips. T.T Also I think I need Ominous. You’re the first person I’ve really liked the way it looks on and I think we’re about the same shade of white. XD

    • Yeah, I would recommend them on the whole to people who can deal with unusual textures! Their cart seems to be down now, but I might make another order soon, since Wizardry looks really beautiful and I totally do need a full-size of Ominous.

      • I want Wizardry so much. It looks so pretty. Hopefully whenever I can afford it it will be in stock. Every time I look it’s out of stock.

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