Kae Q Beso Balms!

I got the blue one, guys.

Package contents!

Package contents!

I made an order right after I made my first post about Kae Q, so I’ve had these for a while. (I just got another package in to review, so that’s exciting!) I ordered the full-size balms in Indigo and Lychee because I wasn’t sure how long the LE Indigo would stick around and I liked the sample of Lychee I got.

Balm in my hand!

Balm in my hand! Also guess who should wear gloves in the dye studio?

The balms came in full-size chapstick tubes with stretchy white tape holding them closed and secure. While the labels are white, they’re laminated, so they don’t look too gross after kicking around in my makeup bag for a while. (They still look kind of gross, though, but my makeup bag might just be gross.)

Lychee on my face.

Lychee on my face.

Lychee I’ve worn a few times since I got it, since it’s a work-appropriate colour that’s just a bit wacky for when I want to look warm. I’ve actually gotten a lot of compliments on it, most of which are “It’s not what you usually wear. I like it!” Thanks, people I know. Anyway, the texture issues I had with the samples do go away once it’s in tube form, so that’s good. This is rich and moisturizing, but also quite opaque, and I really like it. It lasts for a good while without getting too bedraggled.

Indigo lips.

Indigo lips.

Indigo is still available, thankfully. It’s got the same sort of formula as the rest of the Beso balms, and I quite like it. My main complaint is that it’s slightly sheer, While that’s less of an issue with the various actual-lip-coloured balms in the shop, it’s a bit finicky to make a slightly sheer blue look blue. That said, once it’s on, it sticks around a good while.

Once again, I’m left wanting to make another Kae Q order. I wish I had waited long enough to try out their clear lip liner with this one, since I only have one clear lip liner and it’s kind of sketchy and breaks every single time I use it. Plus I really kinda want to try out the massage bar, or, more specifically, have it tried out on me. I’d definitely recommend the balms, and I’m pretty excited to try more. I really like Kae Q in general. I don’t know what it is. Maybe the products are good. Maybe I’m just a huge fan of natural cosmetic companies that aren’t full of “now FREE of those ICKY chemicals!!!” rhetoric, which always kind of grates on me. Either way, I fully intend to keep ordering from them.


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