An Assortment From Notoriously Morbid

So, I finally decided to put my 40% from Notoriously Morbid to use when I saw they had lipsticks. Actual real lipsticks, guys. This is probably old news to most of you by now, but I was pretty jazzed. I mean, I don’t HATE hate lip glosses, but they don’t stay on long enough through tea and the long bits of hair by my face love to stick to them. I still love the NM Coffin Kissers, so I had to try the lipsticks out.

Package contents!

Package contents!

In this package, I ordered a lipstick, a new coffin kisser since I used one up entirely somehow, and a bunch of eyeshadow samples. Included as a freebie was a full-size eyeshadow from their recent Gods Be Good Vanishing Cabinet and a Notoriously Morbid pen. I e-mailed to check, and the pen was actually a freebie instead of an accident. It is a functional pen and writes black.

The coffin kisser I got was Stoker’s Sangria, since I love me some sangria and am goth as hell. I still really like the formula, although it might be a bit greasy for people who put their lip balm on under lipstick instead of overnight. They’re in round tubes now instead of the oval, which makes them harder to find blindly in my purse, but functionally they’re the same.

Matte eyeshadows. Over NYX Milk on the left and primer on the right.

Matte eyeshadows. Over NYX Milk on the left and primer on the right.

I ordered a good few from the Buffy collections since I am kind of a sucker for mattes, and I really do like the Notoriously Morbid formula, especially since I got the Sealed Judgement set. I already have a matte white from the set, but I got a sample of It’s The White Hats anyhow. They’re pretty much the same, although Conquest is a bit yellower and a bit more opaque. Still, it’s a perfectly serviceable matte white.

Lost in L.A. is a blue-toned slate gray. It’s pretty opaque, even without primer.

I Call It Mr. Pointy is a deep, sexy burgundy. It’s one of my favourites of the mattes I got, but it’s best used with primer or something since it’s a bit patchy over bare skin.

I have a weakness for I Wanna Do Girly Stuff despite it being the sort of shade I hardly ever use. It’s a bright, cool fuchsia-pink. It also needs some sort of primer.

Done is a cool mauve that looks great even without primer.

Burn All The Witches is a sort of dusky rose. It blends out quite nicely.

My main issue with this order, and it’s a small one, was with Watcher to Father. It’s described as a cool, smoked navy, but it’s pretty indisputably purply. It’s a nice dark cool purple, but it’s still purple. As you can probably tell from the rest of my order, I’m okay with purples, so personally it’s not the biggest loss, but it’s still kind of a bummer.

Sparkly swatches! PE on the left, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

Sparkly swatches! PE on the left, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

Goblet of Red is a deep blood-red with a strong blue shimmer. I actually already had a sample of this, but I still love it. The shift is stronger than it looks in this photo.

Gilded Mirror is another one I had a sample of, but, as I said in a previous review, I’m a sucker for that. It’s a lilac with a strong gold shimmer. Loves it.

Noble Rage is a cool black with purple and blue sparkle. I find it’s patchy over a non-sticky base.

I am so happy I got a full-size of Fates Unfold and I’m sorry you can’t get one. It’s a taupey-purple with a bright green shift that just sort of dominates. I really do like old VC stock as an extra, since a good few times I’ve gotten samples of a VC that I haven’t been able to get a full-size of. This is cool.

Lucie on my lips, Fates Unfold and my whackadoo Watcher to Father on eyes.

Lucie on my lips, Fates Unfold and my whackadoo Watcher to Father on eyes.

Lucie is absolutely lovely. Of the Diablo Lip Rouges, it was the only one I thought would look half-decent on me. The formula is pretty respectable- it doesn’t dry out my lips, but it leaves enough of a stain for me to make it through dinner and kisses. I also really love the mahogany-reddish colour.

Overall, this was another good order. My main issue was with Watcher to Father being a different colour than what I ordered, but I quite liked everything else. Considering this is the first I’ve heard of it, I figure it was just a mislabelled sample or something, and I’m not too upset, although I did want that navy.


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