MeNow Liquid Lipsticks

Alright, friends! For the first time in ages, I’m reviewing something that’s not indie. It’s, like, the opposite of indie. The MeNow liquid lipsticks are mass-produced and sold on eBay for a dollar. I had five bucks in my Paypal when I heard about them, and there’s not much you can get for five dollars when indies cost, like, eight to ship to Canada, so I picked up four of them. And at my new job, I’ve been working pretty much every day, so I’ve had to wear normal lip colours a lot.

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Tilt/Shift Cosmetics’ X-Files collection!

If you were following my reddit account closely around a year ago, you would have noticed two things. One, that it’s really weird to follow my reddit account. Two, that, at every given opportunity, whenever someone asked “hey guys what collection would you like to see made?” I would always reply “X-FILESSSSS.” This was a thing I wanted with all my heart. Then Tilt/Shift cosmetics made one and I disappeared off the map, but I waited too long to blog about their lipsticks (which I loved, btw) and I won’t make that mistake twice.

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Shiro- Five Years Stuck On My Lips

For Shiro’s anniversary sale, I ended up making a little order to to try out the gloss in moderate, among a few other things. I had noticed that swatches of moderate glosses seemed to be pretty opaque, so I figured, might as well give it a go.

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