Tilt/Shift Cosmetics’ X-Files collection!

If you were following my reddit account closely around a year ago, you would have noticed two things. One, that it’s really weird to follow my reddit account. Two, that, at every given opportunity, whenever someone asked “hey guys what collection would you like to see made?” I would always reply “X-FILESSSSS.” This was a thing I wanted with all my heart. Then Tilt/Shift cosmetics made one and I disappeared off the map, but I waited too long to blog about their lipsticks (which I loved, btw) and I won’t make that mistake twice.

Sample baggies!

Sample baggies!

I ordered samples of the full collection because even if I was to not like a colour, I want to financially support X-Files makeup. I also got a sample of another, non-X-Files eyeshadow.

Sticky bag.

Sticky bag.

One of the first things I noticed when I started swatching was that the labels holding the bags folded down were really sticky. It was nearly impossible to unstick them without ripping the sticker, and glue stays on the outside of the bag, so travelling with these guys gets really linty really fast. I ordered this ages ago, though, so that might have been fixed.

Pixie Epoxy on the right, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

Pixie Epoxy on the right, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

“Is this display of Boyish Agility turning you on?” I’m a classy dame, so I will refrain from obsessing about 90s-era David Duchovny in this space, but this particular Boyish Agility is certainly pleasing to the eyes. It’s a light gray-toned lavender with a silvery shimmer that looks appropriately dreamy.

Next, it’s Nonfat Tofutti Rice Dreamsicle. I’m a classy dame, so I will refrain from obsessing about 90s-era-or-let’s-be-honest-any-era Gillian Andersen in this space, but this shadow is way nicer than the air in my mouth. It’s a light mac’n’cheese orange with a strong gold shimmer. It’s a little sheer, but not in a way that really shows on the eye.

Yappi is alright. I don’t say that just because I’ve never had a crush on a Pomeranian. It’s a slightly gold-toned bronze. The colour is nice, but this one really doesn’t look too fantastic except over Pixie Epoxy, and I really can’t get behind PE every day.

Tooms terrified my little sister when we first watched the X-Files, and the eyeshadow can seem a bit intimidating as well. It’s a green-toned yellow with a bunch of shimmer- in the photo it’s a bit less bright than it usually is.

Little Green Men is… eh. I know my blackened eyeshadows, and this isn’t really the best. It’s kind of weird and patchy, which makes the eyeshadow look odd. Over a black base, this would be nice, but on its own, I’m not sold, even though I did want to believe in this one.

Same arm, same primer order.

Same arm, same primer order.

Cerulean Blue is cerulean blue. The description advertises a gold shimmer, which shows up nicely in most lights.

Baby, now we got Bad Blood. (My pop-cultural references aren’t all from the 90s. I’m young and cool and hip.) If your blood is this colour, you should probably see a doctor. It’s got a raspberry tone to it that’s really strong. This is another one that really really needs a primer, though.

I kind of like the way Deep Throat turned out. The base is still kind of sheer, but the purple and blue shimmer mix nicely with it to make a functional shadow, and it plays nicer with regular primer.

Sure. Fine. Whatever. Okay, that’s not my whole review but can you imagine? I don’t have too much to say about this- it’s a nice bronze. I wouldn’t say it’s quite red enough for Scully hair, but it’s about the right tone for her brows.

Out of all the shadows I got, Cancer Man is the most ehhhhh. Without Pixie Epoxy, it’s a sheer taupe with a little bit of sparkle. Over the PE, you get a lot of silver and it’s lovely, but I am an old lady who needs my sleep and can’t spend time fussing around with glitter adhesive every day. I wouldn’t say this shadow is smokin’.

 Mr. X also kind of suffers from a sheer black base. It’s lovely over Pixie Epoxy but otherwise it looks like a kind of weak navy.

Finally, we have There’s A Certain Slant Of Light. I’m pretty sure I’ve called it about four different things over the course of this review. I actually kind of like this. It’s a sheer bobbie’s-skin peach with just a bit of blue shimmer. If I ever do the full contour thing, this is going to be what I use to highlight.


There’s A Certain Slant Of Light, Tooms, and Little Green Men on my eyes.

So here we are. Overall, the collection is okay. Like, there were a few shadows I had a problem with, especially the darker ones. I was pretty impressed with a few, like Boyish Agility and Cerulean Blue, but I’m glad I didn’t just go all in and get the whole collection in full size.


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