Notoriously Morbid Mystic Mattes and Topcoats

Good news- I’m moved into the new apartment. My show opened successfully, and I’m not working 52 hours a week any more. So guess who finally has time to make a blog post?

I decided to pick up some of the Notoriously Morbid Mystic Mattes when I saw they were available in the duo format, plus some Changeling Topcoats, since I’m a sucker for mattes only with sparkle on there.

Packet o' goodies!

Packet o’ goodies! Check out my new floor!

I ordered a matte duo in Tarot and Rune and a Changeling set in Wendigo and Lycan, and got a free sample baggie of Age. (Sorry it looks so washed out- still looking for a good photo place in the new digs.)

Just a packaging note, but I’ve been carrying the mattes around for a few weeks, and I’ve noticed that the little round labels have fallen off and the big label has some dings in. I’m not too bothered- I can tell which one is the black one somehow- but this might be something to consider if that’s an issue for you.



Age (swatched here over Pixie Epoxy on top, NYX Milk in the center, and primer on the bottom) is a shimmery warm orange. It has a bit of gold tone in the sparkle.

One thing I found while swatching is that, on their own, Wendigo and Lycan look very similar. I had some photos of them alone on my lips, but they’re not here since I can’t actually tell which is which and it’s embarrassing. Both just sort of look like that sheer frosted lip gloss I had in the 90s.

Rune on the lips.

Rune on the lips.

Rune is black. It’s a matte black. It’s very opaque, which is nice but also mildly unforgiving. I find it dries relatively quickly and stays on well, but it tends to transfer no matter how long I let it dry. (More on that later.) The formula is a bit drying on dry lip days, but I didn’t find it to be too much of a problem, and once it dries it feels nice and light.

Neither the mattes or the changelings had any discernible scent.

Tarot on my lips, Age and one of my blacks on my eyes.

Tarot on my lips, Age and one of my browns on my eyes.

Tarot is alright. I thought it was going to be a bit grayer than it is from swatch photos, but it’s a perfectly respectable pink. I found it to be a bit less opaque than Rune, and a bit patchy if I wasn’t careful, but again, not too bad. Certainly worth the four bucks.

Tarot and Wendigo.

Tarot and Wendigo.

So, let’s talk about the Changelings. First off, I love how cool they look. They look rad as hell. However, and this is a big however for me, they totally mess with the Mystic Mattes. This is exhibit A. I let it dry for about five minutes before taking out Wendigo, which sort of adds a nice blue shimmer. When I pulled the wand away from my lips, I found that half the thin layer of Tarot I had applied was now on the Changeling wand.

Rune and Wendigo.

Rune and Wendigo.

Thinking “well I clearly didn’t wait long enough,” I blotted and waited a good fifteen minutes after putting on Rune to apply Wendigo over it. Once on, it was beautiful and I love it. Look at all these different angles and how it looks different in all of them. However, once again, product got all over the wand, and now my Wendigo is visibly darker. I don’t know why it can’t peacefully coexist with the Mystic Mattes.

Tarot and Lycan.

Tarot and Lycan.

Lycan, you may notice, looks a bit less stunning in these photos than Wendigo did. This is because I didn’t want to mess them both up with liquid lipstick, so I waited three hours and applied Lycan with a Q-Tip. Still ended up with a pink q-tip.

Lycan over Rune.

Lycan over Rune.

I finally managed to get Lycan to look cool, but once again, Rune transferred heavily onto the Q-tip.

I quite like the Mystic Mattes on their own. I do like the formula- while they transfer, the colour stayed on my lips through pizza, which I can respect. However, the Changelings are a no go for me. I haven’t yet found a lip product they don’t mess with the longevity of, and the doe feet (foots?) get too dirty unless I use a separate implement. I love how they look, but they’re way too much of a nuisance for me to use except on the most special of occasions. I might keep using Wendigo over Rune to see if I can get enough Rune in it to make it a sort of opaque colour, though, not gonna lie.


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