My Pretty Zombie Eyeshadows!

I am sorry for how absent I’ve been- I haven’t had much of a chance to make many orders at my new place, and I’ve been working a bunch. Still, as my old job winds up and my new one begins, might as well share what I’ve been dabbling with!

Package contents. Love the finger.

Package contents. Love the finger.

So way, way back, My Pretty Zombie was having a sale with something like 33 percent off everything? With the five eyeshadows for 20 dollars, that made the eyeshadows something like 2.50 each, and considering that MPZ made my favourite red at the moment, I couldn’t not get them. I also picked up a sample of the Dr. Pickles setting powder in Violet. My order came with 2 free sample baggies and the customary gory finger. Cheesy, but seriously, I eat that shit up.

Eyeshadows! Pixie epoxy on the left, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

Eyeshadows! Pixie epoxy on the left, NYX Milk in the middle, primer on the right.

Static is a sort of light olive green with some gold shimmer in there. It’s a bit patchy over just primer if you look closely, but otherwise it’s pretty lovely. I don’t see myself wearing it too often, unfortunately, since I’ve found myself drawing away from greens. (How do I own so much green eyeshadow? I never wear green.)

Scurvy is a red-toned orange, almost leaning towards coral. It’s slightly shimmery, but it isn’t too obnoxious.

I got a sample of New Bruise almost two years ago- and look how far I’ve come with my swatching! I even do it in actual light and use cleanish brushes now! You can go listen to Graduation by Vitamin C while reading that post. I know I did. Anyway, I finally got the full size, and I regret nothing. It’s a matte blue-toned eggplant. and it’s a pretty good matte. It’s pretty spot-on to the colour I get when I bang my shins off the stage at concerts, but it looks a bit more purple than it does on the site swatch photo.

More eyeshadows. Same arm, same order of primers.

More eyeshadows. Same arm, same order of primers.

Rash has a sort of brownish-red base with a lot of pink shimmer in it. I’ve never had a rash this colour, but I haven’t had too many rashes.

The owner states that Everything Looks Better On A Meathook is one of her favourite shadows, and except for the long name that won’t even fit in my big space here, I’m inclined to agree with her. It’s a dark brownish berry with a strong green duochrome that even shows up over regular primer. Beautiful. I love this.

I picked up Katrink because the listing mentions Canada. I’m a bit weird. It’s a burgundy with a bunch of pink shimmer. As with New Bruise, it’s a lot less purple than it looks in the swatch.

Of course, I had to get a black, and, as the resident Goth Velma, I felt Goth Mary Poppins was appropriate. It’s a black base with a bunch of blue and purple shimmer. This one needs a primer, but I quite like it.

My face with the Pickles Powder, as well as Scurvy and on the eyes.

My face with the Pickles Powder, as well as Scurvy and New Bruise on the eyes.

I tried to get a swatch of the Dr Pickles Miraculous Beauty Dust Setting Powder alone, but I couldn’t build it up enough. That said, I quite like it- it gives me kind of a spooky glow when I put it on, and it mattifies pretty well. My foundation stayed put all day,  Definitely getting a full-size.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied. There’s nothing I didn’t like in the order. While there were a few issues with swatch accuracy, that could easily be a difference in monitor calibration. I’m absolutely going to order again.


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