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Hey, punks! How’s things been going? Been a bit busy, but I’ve got a big one for you today. I’ve actually reviewed Eccentric Cosmetics a good year back (look at wee Bobbie, didn’t even wait for daylight to swatch.) I was alright with their eyeshadows, but wasn’t too thrilled. However, I heard really good things about their eye primer and they had liquid lipstick, so I was all over that noise.

Packet and a note!

Packet and a note!

I actually didn’t get my order the first time around, which I blame 100% on Canada Post. (They’ve been acting up recently- I recently got two letters sent from the same destination two weeks apart put in my mailbox on the same day. Harumph.) I messaged her, and she sent another package, with another liquid lipstick sample added in. One of the ones I was looking at, no less. I ordered two samples of primer and two liquid lipstick samples.

Primers on bare skin. Top is the White Long Wear primer, middle is Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and bottom is the Long Wear primer in Lust.

Primers on bare skin. Top is the White Long Wear primer, middle is Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and bottom is the Long Wear primer in Lust.

So as you can tell, the primers are both relatively sheer. The white has a bit of pigment in it, but it isn’t on the level of NYX Milk or anything. It might look a bit ashy if you have darker skin. There is another colour option- Fling, which is described as light brown. It doesn’t seem to be available in the Long Wear formula, though. Lust doesn’t appear to have too much of a colour at all, which I’m cool with.

Top is white, middle is TFSI, bottom is Lust. Left shadow is Sugarpill's Goldilux, right is Darling Girl's D'Lilac.

Top is white, middle is TFSI, bottom is Lust. Left shadow is Sugarpill’s Goldilux, right is Darling Girl’s D’Lilac.

I decided I’d give these a go without any glitter glues or anything in the mix because these aren’t glitter glues and also my arm isn’t quite wide enough to get much more in there. I tried a few different kinds of shadows to see how they work. Goldilux was my metallic because it’s lovely and shiny and also seriously the jar is so BIG I will never use this up even if I use it every day until I die holy crap. Lust performed about equivalent to the TFSI, which is my baseline since at the moment it’s my everyday primer. The white stuff, however, seemed to almost foil it. Neat. I had a similar experience with D’Lilac- while Lust performs perfectly well for a primer, the white stuff kicked it up a notch and really brought out the duochrome in it.

Left is L'Oreal's Infallible shadow in Endless Chocolate, right is Detrivore's Aquaculture.

Left is L’Oreal’s Infallible shadow in Endless Chocolate, right is Detrivore’s Aquaculture.

I figured I’d try it with a non-indie shadow as well, since some people own those. I found the white primer added a weird silvery cast to it- this shadow doesn’t respond very well to Pixie Epoxy, so I imagine it’s a similar effect going on here. I did quite like Lust for it, though. I picked up Aquaculture because I wanted a matte, only to realize that Aquaculture has shimmer. Whoops. The white sort of made the orange shimmery, which was an odd effect. The Lust primer sort of toned it down a bit, though.

Fyrinnae's Digital Faerie.

Fyrinnae’s Digital Faerie.

I picked out Digital Faerie instead of an actual matte because I wanted to try something more dimensional. Again, the white brought out the sparkle a lot more, while the Lust acted more like a traditional primer. Which one is better for you comes down to personal preference- like, if you use a whackload of mattes, the white one is probably not your dream primer, while if you like your shadows to be weird duochromes, you’ll probably be more excited by the white. As someone who aspires to be a weird lady, I’m a fan of the white- especially since I’m way, way too lazy to actually use glitter glue every morning, so a primer that can amp that up is great for me. As well, a lot of people have noticed that glitter adhesive really cuts down on wear time, which is an excellent segue to the next section.

Wear time test- photos taken before work. EC primer in white on my right (your left) and TFSI on my left (your right)

Wear time test- photos taken before work. EC primer in white on my right (your left) and TFSI on my left (your right)

So a note on the wear time test. First off, the colours totally aren’t accurate, because I was wearing this to work, I was working 10 PM to 4:30 AM, and I don’t have a good daylight bulb in my apartment. The lighting is relatively consistent between shots, though.

As you can see, the white primer really amps up the colour of whatever you’re wearing. If you’re doing a test with two primers, you should probably use Lust because otherwise you’ll look like you’re really bad at makeup. (I tried with Lust, but the pictures were all totally borked. Technical term.) The Too Faced is also a bit patchier.

After 6.5 hours of poutine.

After 6.5 hours of poutine.

So I went to work, which involves working over deep fryers until late in the night. I’ve been finding the TFSI lacking recently for that reason, and looking at these photos, it really stands out to me. The EC primer creased a tiny bit and lost a bit of colour, but I still look like a person who is wearing makeup all over my lid. The Too Faced just sort of gave up on me. making me look even more wackadoo as the night drew to a close. Whoops.

After a shower.

After a shower.

So I went to take a shower because, you know, poutine, and let the water run over my face without scrubbing. WELP. It’s looking a bit worse for the wear, but it’s still relatively respectable. I considered sleeping in it, but then I just washed my face like a normal person. Sorry, scientific community.

If you’re having primer troubles, give this stuff a try. It survived oil and water on my oily face. I’m a huge fan, and I’ve got some in my post-Nanowrimo gift to self shopping cart. (Side note, is anyone else doing Nanowrimo this year? I’m jazzed and always looking for writing buddies.)

Lips ahoy!

Iguazu Falls on my lips.

Iguazu Falls on my lips.

So, let’s start with my least favourite. This is two coats of Iguazu Falls on my lips. I found it kinda weird and patchy- it took a really neat hand and four coats to get it opaque and looking decent. On  the other hand, once it was on, it didn’t really need any touchups all day, which was nice. And I do really like the royal purple. It’s just a bit of a nuisance.

Potala Palace on my lips. I didn't wear a matching shirt on purpose, but sometimes these things happen.

Potala Palace on my lips. I didn’t wear a matching shirt on purpose, but sometimes these things happen.

I was a lot more impressed by Potala Palace. It took two coats to get to the opacity you see here. The colour is a nice brick red, and it dries down and doesn’t budge easily. The matte lipsticks are a bit drying, so you might want to steer clear if that’s an issue for you. They feel relatively light, and don’t get all sticky.

Socotra on my lips.

Socotra on my lips.

Socotra is a weird one. It’s sort of taupe but sort of purply. It’s semi-opaque in one coat, but in two it gets fully opaque, and it’s still lightweight and longlasting. (This one had a slight erosion when I ate poutine, but nothing too noticeable.) If you have darker lips, you might have a bit more of an issue with this, since it was close enough to my natural lip colour to not be an issue.

So, long story short, I’m a fan. Definitely ordering again. I really like the primers- I’ve never used a primer as good as these at all, let alone an indie one. And while I’m still going to get samples first, there’s definitely two liquid lipsticks I want to try. (They have a blue one. You know me.) Colour me impressed. And then don’t wash it off in the shower.


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