Notoriously Morbid mini-review.

So, I’m back from my big American adventure, and I’ve got a few more packages to review from my Black Friday purchases! One of the shops I went for this year is Notoriously Morbid. I didn’t get the discount set this year, partially because I found myself hardly using the code all year, and partially because the set with the code was showing up as sold out for me ten minutes after it went on sale. I went ahead and got a few other little goodies, though.

Order contents.

Order contents.

In this one, I ordered a Mystic Matte in Ritual, an Ancient Mystic Matte in Ramses II, and one of the discontinued eyeshadows in Merlotte. I got the Hello My Name Is Trashboat gift with purchase as well.

Hello My Name Is Trash Boat on my lips. I've also got Merlotte on my eyes.

Hello My Name Is Trash Boat on my lips. I’ve also got Merlotte on my eyes.

So here’s Trash Boat. I like it. It’s a nice nude that’s sort of grayed out, so I can be goth as hell but also go to work or something. I didn’t notice it fading much over the day, but it is pretty close to my actual lip colour, so it’s hard to tell. I hope this comes out as an actual full-size product, or failing that I find a dupe, because I’m actually going to use this sample size up.

Ritual on my lips.

Ritual on my lips.

The new packaging for the Mystic Mattes is a lot nicer, I think. While I do miss the duos, since realistically I’m never going to use up a full size, I think the hexagonal gloss tubes feel a lot sturdier. I’ve always liked the Mystic Matte formula- it’s comfortable on the lips, and generally lasts a while. This was what I wore to my family’s Christmas dinner. It was looking a bit ragged around the inside, but stood up pretty well given that I probably ate my weight in gravy.

Ramses II on the lips.

Ramses II on the lips. Merlotte is also on the eyelids.

I ordered Ramses II to try out the Ancient Mystic Matte formula and because I was clearly feeling gray lips when I made the order. It had about the same consistency and feeling on the lips as the regular Mystic Mattes. However, I found it wore a lot worse. After a cup of tea, I found half the lipstick on the rim of my mug. If not for the lasting power, I’d be all about this, but the need for constant reapplication makes this a Sometimes Lipstick for me.

Swatches. Lip stuff is over bare skin. Merlotte is over Pixie Epoxy on the left, Eccentric Cosmetics white primer in the middle, and primer on the right.

Swatches. Lip stuff is over bare skin. Merlotte is over Pixie Epoxy on the left, Eccentric Cosmetics white primer in the middle, and primer on the right.

Merlotte weirded me the heck out. It was described as “a warm toned, soft purple with a strong wine red and an even stronger gold shift and shimmer” but I couldn’t really see the red at all. On my arm, it looks kinda purply. On my eyes, it looks like my eyelid skin colour but a bit more sparkly, and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t photograph as anything but just the colour of my face. Weird. Eerie. But I kinda like weird.

On the whole, I’m okay with everything I got. I’m less excited about the Ancient Mystic Mattes than I expected, but the Mystic Matte formula still holds up to what I remembered.


3 thoughts on “Notoriously Morbid mini-review.

  1. Jaiden.nemesis says:

    Creeping your blog again, but just wanted to ask how do the Mystic Matte formula compare to the MeNow Liquid Lipsticks? I thought I’d ask you since you own both. ^^”

    • Funnily enough, I was actually thinking of them in comparison recently.

      The MeNow ones last longer, generally. They’re also more uncomfortable. Like, you can feel them a lot more on the lips, and they don’t dry down as easily, so if you put too much on they get a bit tacky. They’re also a nuisance to get off.

      I generally prefer the Mystic Mattes. They also come in more colours that I’m into, which is a big plus. Like, I still wear the MENow when I functionally need to tattoo my face, but if you can only get one and the colour you want comes in both, I’d go for the NM.

      • Jaiden.nemesis says:

        Huh, that’s interesting. As a frequent lip purser though I have to really consider if either will be ok. Hmm. Thanks for your thoughts though! I’ll just have to mull over this one. ^^

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