Eccentric Cosmetics 2- Eccentric Boogaloo

Yes, I know, I’ve been taking ages to post. Actual worst. On the bright side for me, I’ll be moving in a month or so, and once all that’s done I’ll look into a more regular posting schedule. Unfortunately, until then, I’m trying to save dollars and also not ordering a lot of things in case they arrive at my apartment after I leave, so I’ll be posting new hauls less often. I’m going to try posting with the things I already have, though. (Also, I’m sitting on a few orders right now, so I’ve got a few posts left in me.)


I made another order from Eccentric Cosmetics a good while back (you can tell because she’s wishing me a happy 2016 in the note. Whoops. Been sitting on this one a while) to get a full-size of the primer, which, if you’ll remember my last review, is great. It’s still good. Still recommend this primer. Speaking of my last review, the brand owner saw it, apparently. Pains of having a distinctive name. In that last review, I mentioned that the sample I got of Iguazu Falls was kind of sheer and patchy, and I wasn’t jazzed about it. She sent me another sample with an updated formula, as well as a free eyeshadow sample. It was a nice little touch that made me feel just a bit more famous.


Swatches. The eyeshadow is swatched over the primer, lipsticks are swatched over bare skin.

Robot Takeover is a mid-toned cerulean with a bunch of silver shimmer. The listing says it has purple sparks, but I didn’t catch too much of that. (I also bought the subtle primer and didn’t use glitter glue, though.)


Iguazu Falls 2.0. Or should I call id Iguaz-two Falls? (I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t.)

Despite how underwhelmed I look in these photos, I really like Iguazu Falls in the new formula. This is only one coat, and it’s more or less entirely opaque. There’s a few slight patches, but nothing noticeable from a reasonable distance, and if anyone’s getting that much in my personal space, I don’t care if they think my lipstick’s a bit off-looking.

All of the lipsticks had pretty good lasting power. They easily lasted through meals, and by the end of the day, there was a bit of fading with the kookier colours, but nothing too unreasonable.


Melissani on the lips.

This is one I wasn’t as personally jazzed about. Is that 100% because of personal colour preference? Yes, totally. I read a review of Melissani that said the gold sparkle was super strong. However, on my lips, it’s pretty subtle. As well, the colour is a lot lighter and cooler than the website swatch. It’s a nice colour, but I tend more towards ridiculous sparkle and wackadoo colours. My main criticism is “I’m too weird for this shit” and really, that’s more about me than the lipstick.


Vik i Myrdal on the lips.

This matches my sweater and my eyes and I love it. Vik i Myrdal is a cool stone gray, completely matte, and my favorite thing from this order. Compared to my other gray liquid lipsticks, it’s a lot darker than both NM’s Ritual and LE’s Buffer. This is a great lipstick and when I make another order to get a full-size of Socotra, this one is on the list as well.

Just a quick review today. I wasn’t really disappointed by the quality of anything I got in this one- while Melissani isn’t my colour, it’s probably great for some of you that aren’t  no-good punks. Totally making another order in the future when I have money and a semi-permanent address, since shipping all the way around the world takes enough time that I wouldn’t want to order now.


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