A short Notoriously Morbid post, along with some housekeeping notes!

I’ll put the boring stuff at the beginning before the cut, so it’s harder to miss.

First off, I’ve moved! I was kind of busy with getting everything I own packed up and sent off, and when I wasn’t doing that, I was generally seeing people in town before I left, but I’m done moving now. This is the last post that was photographed in the old apartment. So, what does this mean for you? Well, first off, I’m in a lot hotter of a climate now. Since I got here, it’s been steadily above 30 degrees, which I am whiny about. I’ll try to keep that in the back of my mind when reviewing products, because the temperature can affect a lot of products. (For example, my Fyrinnae Lip Lustres were pretty hard to the point of being unusable. Now, they’re almost liquid.)

So, now that I moved, I’ll be up to getting more packages again and be better at doing more than one review a month, right? Ehhhhh, about that. There are rumours- still nothing’s locked down as far as I can tell, but I’m planning for it- about a Canada Post strike. This means no indie orders, as well as a few other issues for me, like all of my shoes that are not my big black boots being stuck in the mail. (Did I mention it’s over 30 degrees?) I’ve got a few parcels that were sent to the new apartment, so after that, we’ll see. And while all my makeup isn’t here, I’ve been thinking of doing some comparison swatch posts of my eyeshadows, so I’ll see about that.

Now, for the fun part!


Wee little order.

I just made a small order this time around. I’ve been really super into highlighting recently, so I picked up a mini of the Harlequin highlighter, and I managed to use up my sample of Hello My Name Is Trash Boat, so I got a full-size, with Datura on the other end of the duo. (I really like the duo packaging, since I’m probably not going to use a full liquid lipstick.) I got a free sample of Osteomancy as well.


Highlighter swatches in direct light and shade.

Let’s be real, there’s a reason I don’t do highlighter swatches that often. I am pretty aggressively white, as the raging sunburn on my back and shoulders will attest to. (Ow.) So something needs to be pretty white on its own to have much of an impact. Luckily for me, these both have strong white bases. If your skin is much darker than mine, they’ll be a lot more dramatic. Wicked if you’re into that, possibly an issue if you’re not.


Harlequin on my cheekbone and swatched over bare skin.

Harlequin is the more practical of the two highlighters, so it’s probably for the best that it’s the one I got a full-size of. It’s got a strong white base with a very light lavender shimmer. The lavender is harder to notice unless you put it on over still-wet liquid foundation, and even when it shows up, it’s subtle enough that I can wear it around without feeling like the purple is taking over my look. It’s still pretty dramatic, and would probably be even more so on darker skin, but it looks a bit more human.


Osteomancy on the cheek.

Osteomancy, on the other hand, is not subtle at all and it’s great. It comes off as a strong blue-white sheen and I kind of really want a full-size, just because it’s so much fun. If you’re looking for a coloured highlighter but a lot look like they might be too dark, this is probably for you.


Datura on the lips, Harlequin on the cheeks.

It’s not very surprising that I quite like Datura. It’s a slightly grayed-out purple, and it’s got just the slightest iridescent blue shimmer. It doesn’t stay on quite as long as the matte Mystic Mattes do, but the fading is pretty negligent unless I eat a whole huge meal or something.


Packaging photo

One thing I did notice was that, when I got the package, the blue wasn’t really mixed in that well. I’ve tried shaking and stirring it with the applicator, but I haven’t gotten it to combine. As far as I can tell, it hasn’t affected the consistency or anything like that, but there is a chance that, as I use it up, it’s going to be getting a lot bluer. It’s a minor thing for me, but I know it wouldn’t be for everyone.


Soothsayer on the lips, Osteomancy on the cheeks.

I’ve already gone into how much I like Soothsayer back when it was Trash Boat. Looking back at my old review, Trash Boat looks a wee touch pinker, but they’re basically the same, both in staying time and in colour.

I’m still a fan of the Mystic Mattes, and you can add NM to my recommendation list as making my favorite highlighters. (I’ve also been using my changeling lip duo as a highlighter since I really don’t use it on my lips, and that’s been working well for me.) Datura needs a bit better blending, but other than that, we’re all good.


2 thoughts on “A short Notoriously Morbid post, along with some housekeeping notes!

  1. Those highlights tho!! Love em 😀 Do you know how Harlequin compares to Hello Waffle’s Lavender Cream? It looks lovely, but if they are similar, I might pass on it. The lippies are both gorgeous on you!

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