Bobbie’s First Illamasqua

Surprise, bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.

In all seriousness, hey, it’s me, I’m not dead or anything! Sorry for the break- I had a long period of not ordering anything because I have enough makeup, really, and then I was all “aw, man, would people even want to see me post about stuff I already own, sheesh, dude” but then someone on Tumblr recognized me and reminded me this blog still exists, so I’m gonna give it a go again. Fair warning, though, I plan to focus less on  “here’s this new thing I bought” and more “here are fun things to do with the things I already own!” because, you know, stuff.

Anyway, that said, check out this new stuff I bought!


Packaging thingies.

For a wee Christmas present to myself, because everyone else gets knitted socks but I have enough of my own knitting that I wouldn’t get any joy out of that, I made an order from Illamasqua during their holiday sales. I picked up a lipstick in Apocalips (because I really liked the formula of Disciple in the sample someone sent me, but Disciple was not on sale) and the Demise palette. I do really like the packaging. The palette might be a wee bit bulky given the amount of product, but not overly so, and it looks nice. The lipstick shuts with a nice click, which I appreciate. It’s also notable that the inside of the box notes that the makeup is cruelty-free (yay!) and they work with PETA (less yay.)


Demise palette inside.

The Demise palette (quad? Who knows) comes with four shades. Three of those are powder, and one, that lovely coppery-reddy-shade in the upper right, is a cream shadow. I’m not too much of a fan of cream shadows, to be quite honest, especially in a palette with powders, because they always get all scuzzy with powder really fast. I’m going to accept a decent amount of the blame on that part, though, since I looked at the product shots on my cell phone, said “gee, that looks weirdly like a cream shadow,” looked over the description, found no mention of it being a cream shadow, and said “well I guess it’s not, plus it’s on sale for 16.95, so what the hell, besides sometimes creams can make nice bases.” So that’s more or less on me.


Apocalips up close

Apocalips was on sale for 12.95. When I got it, I was a bit disappointed to find wax blooms on it. (Luckily, my experience with indies prepared me for this situation- despite how it looks, it is not mold.) It doesn’t really seem to have affected the performance much, but it isn’t as pretty as it could be. That’s one of those things that would probably upset me a lot more if I had paid the full 33 dollars for it, but I can handle picking it up in a clearance sale.


Swatches! Over Pixie Epoxy on top, Eccentric Cosmetics primer in the middle, and the LA Cosmetics version of NYX Milk on the bottom.

Overall, the eyeshadows are nice-ish quality. Like, for 16.95? Sure, totally. I wouldn’t buy the palette at the 57.95 price point, however. Gimp, especially, I felt was rather weak. I find that, especially on the eye, it tends to change rapidly in the blending process from Super Dark Unblended Block to What Black Shadow I Don’t See Any Black Shadow Bobbie Did You Forget Black Eyeshadow Again? It tends to look kind of subtle when blended out, which I’m sure is really really good if you’re not goth as heck, but, like, me. I do really like Interitus. Of course I do. It’s a satiny burgundy with just a wee bit of shimmer that blends out really nicely. Lost is beautiful- it’s a white gold that I’ve also started using as a highlighter. (I was wearing it today, and some guy stopped me on the street to say “hey, you know what? You look okay!” So, like, if you want to look thoroughly adequate, this is the highlighter for you.) And Wilt…..

Oh, Wilt.

Wilt, I cannot stress enough, is a beautiful colour. It’s sort of an orange to red to gold duochrome, and I couldn’t get a photo of it that looked lovely enough to capture it. However, it is, in the most basic terms, an orange to red to gold glitter gel. The colour is dark enough that I can’t really wear it as a highlight, and the glitter is sparse enough when it’s blended out that if you try it as a blush, you just look like you have glitter all over your face. It’s got a gritty enough texture that I can’t really wear it on my lips, either, so this is very much a thing I have to save for the times when I want to be super glittery on my face.

“But Bobbie,” you may be saying, “this is an eye palette, surely Wilt is made for eye use so that’s the main factor you should be judging it on!” Well, friends and neighbours, this is actually the results of my desperate rationalizing because it’s such a lovely colour, and I really, really wanted to use it somehow. The first thing I did with the Demise palette was try the look they recommended on the website- line your lashline with Gimp, use Interitus on the lid, blend it out with Wilt, and highlight with Lost. So I did that eye look over my nice primer, then did my face and lips, which takes fifteen minutes max. Here’s what my face looked like after those fifteen minutes.


That line is not intentional. I am not just, like, really bad at blending. Really.

Whoever approved Wilt for eyeshadow use didn’t take into account the fact that I am the greasiest person in the world, apparently, and my slimy eyelids will not play nice with anything with the slightest bit of slip. I, being foolish, said “well, gee, I’ll try setting Wilt with the powder shadows to hold it in place!” so I went back, washed my face, and redid my eyes.

This is what that looked like after half an hour or so.


“oh wow that’s some really unique graphic liner” “haha yeah that’s what that is”

TO THE CREASE WITH YE. So yeah, kinda stumped on what I could really do with Wilt.


An eye look that managed to last long enough for me to capture on film. Interitus on the inner and outer corners, Gimp on outer corner, Lost on center lid and as highlight.

For proof that I’m not just a living version of the greasy scunge on the floor under a poutinerie’s deep fryers, here’s an eye look over the same primer that the other two were. This one stayed more or less in place until I washed it off, because the Eccentric Cosmetics primer is fantastic and I love it.


Gimp, like, just everywhere, with some Lost as a highlight on the eye and cheek.

And here’s one that lasted through my going to the gym. Wilt will mess you up, but I can do some neat things with the other shadows.

Would I recommend this palette? I mean, like, if it’s on sale again, sure. At full price? Probably not. You can get cheaper, better shadows, and unless you’re a miracle oil-free human, Wilt’s probably not going to be too useful to you. (If you are a miracle oil-free human, I need your DNA for reasons.) At the end of the day, there’s not really a reason to pay 58 dollars for this palette besides the nice packaging, and I’m sure there’s nicer packaging for 58 bucks, too.


Apocalips, in different lights!

Apocalips, despite the blooms, I am a fan of. It’s a cool teal-ish green. That’s a thing I like. I find the formula to be very dry for a bullet lipstick. Some people don’t like that. I do, because my lips have adjusted to liquid lips all the time. It does apply a bit patchy over balm, which is my main complaint, but it doesn’t dry me out enough to really need a balm, so I’m cool with it.

Would I buy it again? For twelve bucks, absolutely. For 32 bucks, sure, if I had 32 bucks to spend on a lipstick and I hadn’t already bought Disciple, which I plan to when I get cash dollars again.

Overall, my Illamasqua experience has been alright. I’d definitely order again during a sale, but I don’t know if I’d really say their products are worth full-price with the Canadian dollar how it is, especially given that there’s no real way to check the quality of the eyeshadows in real life before ordering. (Or the consistency, if you order without really looking at the photos. Say. Hypothetically.) So order with care, especially at full price.


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