A Wee Bit Morbid- Mystic Mattes and Slumber Salve

My other little Christmas gift to myself was from Notoriously Morbid. I had been really really wanting the 13 Black Rainbows Mystic Matte, since I did love the shadow until I completely used it up (which is an achievement on my own, given how wee my eyelids are and how many black eyeshadows with glitter in I own, despite the fact that most black eyeshadows with glitter in are functionally the same.) So when they had their free shipping sale, I made a small order.


Package contents!

I ordered two sets of Mystic Matte duos and a Slumber Salve, and that’s what I got. It’s important to note that the duo packaging is no longer available, and that you instead have the option of ordering a sample for 4.50 or a full-size for 12.00 US. (As a side note, the samples say they have half the product of the full size, for less than half the price. Weird.)


Slumber Salve in pot on sketched-up floor.

The Slumber Salve is the reason this review took so long to make. I used this exclusively, once per night before going to bed, for two weeks, forgoing any other lip balm. (Usually, I use the NM Coffin Kissers I have once or twice a day to maintain a half-decent hydration.)

This stuff is nice- it feels very luxurious. It’s a lot more of a gel than the balms I have. I’d say that of the products I own, the consistency is closest to my C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve, but the NM has a very subtle graininess to it. The scent is very faint, which I had a bit of an issue with. You really have to stick your nose into the pot to get a good whiff. As for the results, it worked about as as well as the Coffin Kissers routine. I did like that it kept my lips nice and soft, but without having any waxiness by the time I put on lipstick. It’s not a world-changing difference, and when I run out of it I don’t know if I’ll buy more immediately, but if/when I run out of the lip balms I’m trying to use up (ha, ha, ha) I might well pick these up to replace them.


Wiccan Friend on the lips. In slightly muted light on top row, and direct sunlight on bottom.

Okay, time for the fun part.

I love Wiccan Friend. Everyone who’s seen me wearing it has complimented me on it. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s this lovely matte chalkboard green that I love on my skintone and is both kooky but not too in your face. Would highly recommend. I do really like the Mystic Matte formula, and this is a really good example of it. It lasts forever, and it’s not heavy on the lips.


Druidess on the lips. Outdoor light on top row and bottom right, indirect sunlight on bottom left and middle.

I’ve whined in the past about the metallic Mystic Matte formula not lasting as long as the regular. Luckily, this issue has apparently been solved. I found Druidess lasted about as well as Wiccan Friend did. Again, lovely colour- it’s got this kind-of-subtle-but-not-really bright sparkly red shift that makes it look quite dimensional. It’s opaque in one swipe, and dries down quickly. If I had to pick out an issue with it, it’s that I did have a tiny bit of bleeding with it. However, it’s the kind of bleeding I couldn’t see looking at myself in the mirror, and could only really see when I zoomed in on the photo. While it’s not perfect, it’s a really minor fault, and I’d still recommend it.


Nocturnal Mistress, in outdoor light on top left and bottom right, and slightly cooler light on top right and bottom left.

Nocturnal Mistress is a gray-toned blue with a strong shimmer. It doesn’t have the bleeding issue Druidess has, but it is a wee bit more sheer. This is one coat, and you can see a bit of transparency there on the top lip. (Welcome to Bobbie Points Out How She Is Bad At Lipstick.) This is definitely a two-coater, but it’s still absolutely lovely and gets a pass from me.


13 Black Rainbows on my face in daylight.

13 Black Rainbows.


I mean.

Like, I was really excited for this. I super was. I loved the eyeshadow to bits. But guys. Guys. Look at that. That’s three coats, with a full drydown in between each one. It’s still sheer and patchy and weird. This is one I might wear over another black lipstick, because I’m still a fan of the multicolour sparkles. But on its own, it’s just kind of a patchy sad mess.

That said, four out of five ain’t bad. I’m pretty firmly satisfied with most of these, and I’m super glad that NM cleaned up their metallic liquid lip game. Still a fan of most of these, and I’d say it was a successful present to myself.


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