One Week With: the Sleek Acid Palette

Hey, guys! I’ve decided to start up a new semi-regular series. I’ve found I have a decent number of palettes that I feel don’t get as much love from me as they used to, or I just open them to use that one shade that I super duper love. So, with this challenge (is it a challenge? I feel like it’s a challenge) for a week straight, the only eye makeup I’ll do will be with that palette. I don’t do makeup every day, but it’s definitely enough to get a feel for older palettes and either fall back in love or decide to destash them, and I also enjoy revisiting older things to see if I still really like them or if I got them and thought “wow, bright colours, I love that shit!” without really knowing what made eyeshadow good.


Acid Palette, in all its glory. (Cleaning before photographing is for the weak.)

So, this is the Acid palette. It retails on the Sleek website for 10.49 euros, or about 11.25 US. It comes with 12 shades, but to help avoid confusion, I’ve kindly smashed the hell out of one of them for you. You’re welcome.


Swatches, on Pixie Epoxy on the left, primer in the middle, and NYX Milk on the right. 

As you can see, there’s a pretty wide variety in shadow quality. I really, really like the shimmers- the silver is beautiful, and the blue is pretty nice too. However, the mattes, which are most of the palette, are generally kind of powdery and chalky. There’s a huge amount of fallout, and you do need to work to get them to be much more than a sort of sheer wash. Special mention to the white. I know I have said before in the past “oh the white is super good you just can’t see it on my skin!” This is not the case here. I did swatch it- you see that gap between the raspberry and the yellow? Yeah. I know, my standards are super high, but if you can’t see a white eyeshadow that’s been packed on over a white base, that’s a bad sign.


Day 1- “Casual Monday”

This one is a combination of the olive green and the silver shimmer, for a more subtle look. I tried to use the white on my browbone but, like, it’s a bad time. I actually do really like this look, even if for some reason my eyeliner wouldn’t cooperate, possibly because I just need to buy a new one like some sort of human being who owns eyeliner. It’s less out there than I usually do, but sometimes you need that.


Day 2- “Party Time For Emo Kids”

On Tuesday, I went for the silver on the lid, with the neon pink and black blended in the crease. This is another look I’m really digging, although in my opinion, the black could be way, way blacker. I like a dark black. It’s what I’m about. Put some Vantablack on my face and I’m great.


Day 3- “Tequila Sunrise On The Lanai”

This look has the neon yellow in the corner, the neon orange on the lid, and the light magenta in the crease. This is the sort of look I find myself not doing as much any more, and I don’t know why, because it’s super fun. All the shadows blended together in this nice one, and I’m sort of getting sunset vibes from it. I still needed new eyeliner.


Day 4- “Get Out Of My Swamp!”

“Oh, gee,” said I. “I’ve been having a good time with this palette,” said I. “I’m going out to queer karaoke, and I want to do something fun,” said I. “I think I’ll try a sort of smokey eye,” said I. “I’m sure it won’t suck at all,” said I. This is the black on the lid, the olive in the crease, and the lime green on the inner corner. Guys, this black is sad. It won’t blend, and it’s not even really dark black. It’s alright for little touches to darken up colours, and for all I know that was the intent, but it’s no use as a black. Luckily, it was super dark at queer karaoke and nobody noticed that I looked like Kermit the Frog had just punched me in the face, but, like, this was a bad scene.

So, would I recommend this palette? Eh. Ehhhhh. Like, this is not your ride or die palette. Even if you’re not the sort of person that always needs neutrals, the quality is inconsistent enough that I wouldn’t rely on it for anything. I like the silver, but it’s kind of generic- if you have a cool silver eyeshadow, you don’t really need it. The neons are fun, and colours I don’t really have in my collection, but the less vibrant colours are just sort of there. If you want some neons, don’t mind having to use a primer, and don’t care about the rest of the palette, it’s cheap enough to pick up, I guess, but don’t take this palette as your only eye product on a road trip, if only because you might need to look like a civilised human being at some point. I’m probably not going to destash it, but if I figure out a way to depot the shadows I like into my magnetic palette, I’m probably only going to keep a few of them.


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