6 Products I’m Just Not Jazzed About

Hey, friendos! Today, I’m going to post about products that just, like, don’t do it for me. A few notes, first off- this is not all makeup, because I got rid of most of the makeup that I really didn’t like before I moved and I didn’t take any photos of it. However, they are all products I gave the old college try that just, like, aren’t working out for me. I’ll also put the standard “this is just my opinion” disclaimer up here- a lot of the things that aren’t working are just not working for me, I’m sure. While I have tried products that are just objectively bad, generally, I can realize that and throw them straight out. These guys, I’ve been really really trying to make work for me, and they don’t.

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One Week With: the Sleek Acid Palette

Hey, guys! I’ve decided to start up a new semi-regular series. I’ve found I have a decent number of palettes that I feel don’t get as much love from me as they used to, or I just open them to use that one shade that I super duper love. So, with this challenge (is it a challenge? I feel like it’s a challenge) for a week straight, the only eye makeup I’ll do will be with that palette. I don’t do makeup every day, but it’s definitely enough to get a feel for older palettes and either fall back in love or decide to destash them, and I also enjoy revisiting older things to see if I still really like them or if I got them and thought “wow, bright colours, I love that shit!” without really knowing what made eyeshadow good.

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Makeup Revolution Scandalous Lipsticks

If you are anything like me, you’ve probably noticed a lot of buzz about the NYX Macaron lipsticks. Damn right you should have- after all, they’re wacky-coloured lipsticks sold in stores at drugstore prices, right? Exciting!

I do not have those.

NYX, for some reason that I’m certain is not about marketing and is all about slighting me personally, has not put the Macarons anywhere in my town, and their website doesn’t ship to Canada. While I waited patiently for Macarons to be available on other websites, I began to look into alternatives because, you know, that is exactly what I need.

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Delving Into The Mystery Bag Of Samples- part 1.

If you order makeup on the Internet, you may be familiar with samples. They come all the time with pretty much any order I make. One day, I saw someone who got a lot of beauty boxes selling little bags of samples, and I got one. I’ve been adding to it, and now I think I’m finally ready to go on ahead and try some stuff out. I figured I might as well review it, despite not knowing anything about what I’m doing.

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Paint it Black- A Black Eyeshadow Comparison

This post was requested by a reader, who I assume is mystically aware of my awkward junior high emo phase and thus my natural attraction to black makeup. I do own a decent amount of black eyeshadow, because some days you just have to rock the panda eye. So here it is, swatches of all my blacks.

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Smashbox Wondervision Eye Set in Cosmic

Look at me, owning makeup that people can buy in person at a store. I’m almost like a real person.

Yesterday was my birthday, and a friend of mine picked this up for me. It was recommended by the lady at the drug store when he told her that I don’t wear blush or bronzer and I really like blue lipstick, which is sort of all you need to know about me in general.

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