Chirp Cosmetics

Hey, friends, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry for my absence- I’ve had a bunch of stuff going on, and I’ve just been swamped. I’ve also had to quit my job, so once I work past my backlog of orders, I might post a bit less often since money. However, when even the Lipstick Tester comments on how long it’s been, it’s time to haul ass and post.

Also this is the 100th post on my blog, so good job me, I guess!

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Life’s Entropy- Lip Theories and More

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Life’s Entropy recently, which is why I let the blogger pack I ordered sit in a drawer for like a month. (In my defense, the shop was closed for most of that time.) Oops. This is apparently how lax I get when school is back in session.

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Blackbird Cosmetics

Blackbird Cosmetics may not seem like my usual company to patronize. All of their eyeshadows are matte neutrals, and there is only one black. Still, they had a blogger discount and pretty good shipping to Canada, so I picked up some samples because there might be an occasion at some point where I have to look vaguely natural. (It turns out, there was- I was playing a dude in a play and had to get an ID photo taken, so they have been used.)

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Dawn Eyes Cosmetics

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics was one of the first indie companies I had ever heard of, but for some reason, I had never ordered from them. (Okay, that reason wasn’t too ambiguous- the website looks like it was designed for Netscape Navigator. I was sketched out. I’m shallow like that.) Recently, however, a whole bunch of people posted their orders, and they looked pretty boss, so I got in on that action.

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Alchimia Apothecary

As those of you who stalk my reddit account may know, I’ve recently been enamoured with a custom perfume from Alchimia Apothecary. It smells exactly like Earl Grey tea, which is an important thing in my life. I didn’t review it because I seriously have no idea what I am talking about with perfumes. So when she launched her new site and she had makeup and a blogger pack, I had to hop on that action.

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Darling Girl Cosmetics

Just a quick note to people who might care about these things- posting might slow down over the next little while. My laptop just inexplicably died on me, and while it has been coming back to life periodically, I’m not too hopeful. Moral of the story- do not buy your laptop out of a van for sixty dollars. (Although it did last a good five years, so that’s not too bad for that cheap.) While I do have a tablet I can write posts with on the go, I can only edit photos on my desktop, which stays at home, so unless you want tablet-camera unlabelled swatch photos, I need to be at home and have free time. You know how it is.

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