6 Products I’m Just Not Jazzed About

Hey, friendos! Today, I’m going to post about products that just, like, don’t do it for me. A few notes, first off- this is not all makeup, because I got rid of most of the makeup that I really didn’t like before I moved and I didn’t take any photos of it. However, they are all products I gave the old college try that just, like, aren’t working out for me. I’ll also put the standard “this is just my opinion” disclaimer up here- a lot of the things that aren’t working are just not working for me, I’m sure. While I have tried products that are just objectively bad, generally, I can realize that and throw them straight out. These guys, I’ve been really really trying to make work for me, and they don’t.

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Fyrinnae’s Newest Lip Lustres

I’ve always been more or less satisfied with the samples of Fyrinnae’s lip lustres I’ve tried, and am a fan of blue lips. Given these two facts, when Fyrinnae released their newest lip lustres, and one of them was blue, I decided this would be the day I owned a full-size.

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Fyrinnae again!

Alright, I know, I was kind of wary about ordering from Fyrinnae again. But they seemed to have turned their act around and have been acting a lot less shady (even communicating with customers, and not saying that people are whiny for wanting the website to work! progress!) so I made another order.

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Fyrinnae Shadows and Lip Lustres

So, Fyrinnae looks like they’re open at the moment. That’s actually why this review rushed to the top of the queue, since I am being a good girl and not letting myself buy things before I review my last order from them. However, after figuring out everything I wanted to get and trying to log in to place an order, I found that they had shut down the login system because they weren’t taking orders. Unfortunately, this is a common problem for Fyrinnae- if you look at indie forums, you will see a lot of people asking why items won’t stay in the cart or they can’t log in. I do understand closing down the shop to help deal with demand- it’s a small yet popular operation, it happens. But really, putting up some form of notification is probably your best bet. There isn’t anything saying they had closed on the main page, or on their twitter.

I’m putting all this up here so you understand that I’m a little bit grumpy and am doing my best not to fall in love with these products in case they are never available again.

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