Eccentric Cosmetics 2- Eccentric Boogaloo

Yes, I know, I’ve been taking ages to post. Actual worst. On the bright side for me, I’ll be moving in a month or so, and once all that’s done I’ll look into a more regular posting schedule. Unfortunately, until then, I’m trying to save dollars and also not ordering a lot of things in case they arrive at my apartment after I leave, so I’ll be posting new hauls less often. I’m going to try posting with the things I already have, though. (Also, I’m sitting on a few orders right now, so I’ve got a few posts left in me.)

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Daily Lovelies!

I had never heard of Daily Lovelies until someone mentioned them as a source for Hello Waffle products. Personally, I’m not big on buying indies not from the source- shipping to Canada is ridiculously costly either way, and you often don’t get the full product range. However, I did some investigating, and found that they had their own line of eyeshadows, including some Sailor Moon ones, and you know how I am.

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