Life’s Entropy Lip Theories, Volume 2: Part 1

One of my Black Friday orders (that’s how long I was sitting on this review) was a sample set of the newer Life’s Entropy Lip Theories. They arrived, and I promptly said “dang, how am I going to fit all these into a post?” There’s twenty of them, so when you factor in that I usually try to full-day wear any lip products and I can’t wear half of these to work, that’d be a month or so between posts. And it’s not like I’ve never done that before or anything, but I’m trying to avoid it, so here’s part 1.

These samples had been sitting around my house for about a month and a half before I got around to swatching them, plus the time that they got caught in Canada Post. I shook them up a bit, but none of them really seemed to be separating that much.

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Life’s Entropy Mini Order

Okay, indies, I give up. Everyone I swatch for ends up being closed before I get around to writing the review. I’m very happy you all are closed over Christmas to see your families, but this is leaving a crimp in my linking to your pages style. So here’s what I got from Life’s Entropy on Black Friday. Someone remind me to add the links in when they open up again.

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Life’s Entropy- Lip Theories and More

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Life’s Entropy recently, which is why I let the blogger pack I ordered sit in a drawer for like a month. (In my defense, the shop was closed for most of that time.) Oops. This is apparently how lax I get when school is back in session.

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