6 Products I’m Just Not Jazzed About

Hey, friendos! Today, I’m going to post about products that just, like, don’t do it for me. A few notes, first off- this is not all makeup, because I got rid of most of the makeup that I really didn’t like before I moved and I didn’t take any photos of it. However, they are all products I gave the old college try that just, like, aren’t working out for me. I’ll also put the standard “this is just my opinion” disclaimer up here- a lot of the things that aren’t working are just not working for me, I’m sure. While I have tried products that are just objectively bad, generally, I can realize that and throw them straight out. These guys, I’ve been really really trying to make work for me, and they don’t.

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Kae Q Clear Lipliner

As I’ve mentioned in my last Kae Q post, I totally made another order for their clear lipliner. I also ordered one of their Allspice massage bars, but I won’t be talking about it that much here. Partially because it’s not up in the store any more so you couldn’t buy it anyway, partially because I left it at the Lipstick Tester’s house and haven’t been able to get in there to get a good picture, and partially because I’m really bad at knowing about skincare so my review would basically be “the massage felt nice and i smelled like cookies.” If you are a fan of nice massages and smelling like cookies, this might be the product for you.

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