My Pretty Zombie Blushes And Junk

Okay, so disclaimer, I actually don’t know how to use blush. Like, at all. I’m awful. I go like “haha I don’t use blush because I’m too goth!” but really I just mess it up every time. It’s partially because I’m kinda pasty, partially because of no practice, and partially because until relatively recently I was using a repurposed eyeshadow brush to apply it. But I was like “ehhh time to learn I guess if I’m gonna be a legit makeup blogger” so here I am with a bunch of MPZ samples to figure out what I like.

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My Pretty Zombie Eyeshadows!

I am sorry for how absent I’ve been- I haven’t had much of a chance to make many orders at my new place, and I’ve been working a bunch. Still, as my old job winds up and my new one begins, might as well share what I’ve been dabbling with!

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