One Week With: the Sleek Acid Palette

Hey, guys! I’ve decided to start up a new semi-regular series. I’ve found I have a decent number of palettes that I feel don’t get as much love from me as they used to, or I just open them to use that one shade that I super duper love. So, with this challenge (is it a challenge? I feel like it’s a challenge) for a week straight, the only eye makeup I’ll do will be with that palette. I don’t do makeup every day, but it’s definitely enough to get a feel for older palettes and either fall back in love or decide to destash them, and I also enjoy revisiting older things to see if I still really like them or if I got them and thought “wow, bright colours, I love that shit!” without really knowing what made eyeshadow good.

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Saucebox Cosmetics Forbidden Fruits Palette

As some (all) of you may be aware by now, I am a sucker for indie palettes. Even now that I know how to use loose shadows, I just think palettes look so neat. So when Saucebox Cosmetics had a sale on a while back, I couldn’t help myself.

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How To Wear Blue Lipstick, Part 1

I have made almost fifty posts on this blog. This is kind of a big achievement. I don’t do very many things fifty times. If I had a dollar for each post I had made, I would now be able to buy the fancy foundation I’ve been really really wanting. Or, like, four plates of nachos, if we’re being realistic about what I would spend my money on. As a little celebration, I’ve decided to pass some guidance on to you- specifically, about blue lipstick. Since, you know, that’s sort of my thing, and I’m generally not very helpful when people ask me about it. So, to everyone who I’ve ever told “Step 1- put on blue lipstick. Step 2- you’re wearing blue lipstick now” this tutorial thing is for you.

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Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs is one of the few indie companies making palettes. While I am a fan of loose shadows, I’ve got a soft spot for palettes, if only because I’ve recently filled my storage for loose shadow jars and am kind of reconsidering every action I have taken up to this point. So recently, when they had a sale, I had to order one of their palettes. It was actually the perfect storm of factors that led me to the palette- not only was it on sale for 25 dollars instead of the regular 45, but I had just seen a really good review of another palette they sell. This is what overrode my initial distaste for the website. I’m hardly a web designer, and goodness knows I’ve given enough time to webpages with black and striped backgrounds and white or coloured text, but this is a bit much even for junior-high-era “nobody understands how goth I am” Bobbie. Like, look at this. This does not look like a trustworthy, professional company. To make it worse, the site is littered with typos and grammatical errors, and as the child of two editors, that does get under my skin. If any indie owner wants me to look over copy for them, I’m happy to do it for free, since that’s a personal pet peeve of mine and it’s the sort of thing that makes you seem about a million times less legitimate instantly.

Anyway, on to the actual product, I guess.

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Indie Post- Sugarpill’s Cold Chemistry Palette

As some of you may have guessed, I like me some bright colours. And if you’re vaguely familiar with the indie cosmetics scene, you probably have heard that Sugarpill is a brand that is very, very good at bright colours. I didn’t make an order immediately upon visiting the site because, unlike most indie companies, there are no samples, and their eyeshadows, at $12.00 apiece, are a tad bit too spendy for me to order without really knowing about the quality beforehand. However, recently, they had a little mini-sale, which was motivation enough for me to get one of their palettes.

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Not An Indie Review- Sleek’s iDivine palette in Ultra Matte v1

It’s true- I own makeup that isn’t from indie brands. I haven’t been using it too much recently, though, especially the eyeshadows. After all, I am a lady who is taken with bright colours, and I find a lot of brands, especially ones I can get here, where I only have a drugstore, tend to be lacking in that department. And if I’m ordering something in without the ability to swatch it beforehand, I might as well get it from an indie brand and support the little guy. Anyhow, I got this palette from a makeup exchange and figured I might as well give it a try, since the colours looked so nice.

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