One Week With: the Sleek Acid Palette

Hey, guys! I’ve decided to start up a new semi-regular series. I’ve found I have a decent number of palettes that I feel don’t get as much love from me as they used to, or I just open them to use that one shade that I super duper love. So, with this challenge (is it a challenge? I feel like it’s a challenge) for a week straight, the only eye makeup I’ll do will be with that palette. I don’t do makeup every day, but it’s definitely enough to get a feel for older palettes and either fall back in love or decide to destash them, and I also enjoy revisiting older things to see if I still really like them or if I got them and thought “wow, bright colours, I love that shit!” without really knowing what made eyeshadow good.

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Not An Indie Review- Sleek’s iDivine palette in Ultra Matte v1

It’s true- I own makeup that isn’t from indie brands. I haven’t been using it too much recently, though, especially the eyeshadows. After all, I am a lady who is taken with bright colours, and I find a lot of brands, especially ones I can get here, where I only have a drugstore, tend to be lacking in that department. And if I’m ordering something in without the ability to swatch it beforehand, I might as well get it from an indie brand and support the little guy. Anyhow, I got this palette from a makeup exchange and figured I might as well give it a try, since the colours looked so nice.

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