Limnit Lipsticks!

So, this is one I’ve been sitting on for a while. You can tell because I still have a decent amount of hair. The lipsticks were actually purchased at the beginning of May, when Limnit was having a sale on their green lipsticks. I had them shipped to the new address, so unfortunately I can’t speak to how promptly they arrived, since they were here before I was.


Package contents.

I ordered a full size of If Looks Could Kill and a sample of The Other Side. As my free sample, I got Freestyle, which was one I was kinda waffling about for a while. I’m not sure if I’m internet famous or if they just looked at my choices and went “yeah, she’d dig blue,” but either way, wicked.


Swatches on bare skin!

Overall, I quite like the Limnit formula. Their lipsticks are pretty gentle, especially compared to the full on desert textured mattes I usually go for. In formula, they compare to the NYX Matte lipsticks, which generally I’ve been a fan of. (They also use what appears to be the same tubes.)


The Other Side on the lips.

The Other Side is a sort of mint green, with bluish undertones. I’m not sure how I feel about it on me, although I do like it a lot better with hair that isn’t red. (These are pretty old photos, from the first time I wore it.) Application-wise, I find it pretty easy to slather on with my finger. When I use a lip brush, as I did here, I find it’s a little bit sheer, though. It has a pretty decent staying power- not a full-meal lipstick, but a light snack and some iced tea, definitely.


Freestyle on the lips.

Freestyle is a bright, bright blue with a slightly yellow base. I found it suffered from similar opacity issues when applied with a  brush that I noticed with The Other Side, but again, that was solved by just jamming my big old fingers into the sample clamshell and smearing it on by hand. It is a beautiful colour, though, and I can definitely see what all the fuss is about.


If Looks Could Kill, posting the rightmost photo on the internet is probably a felony somewhere.

I really, super love If Looks Could Kill. It’s a deep forest green, which is a surprisingly difficult colour to find. I only applied this from the bullet, so I’m not sure if it suffers from the same lip brush problems, but it went on opaque and stayed on for a decent amount of time. The only time there was any significant fading was when I wore it to go eat ribs, and I was pretty faded by the end of that day myself.

On the whole, I’m pretty jazzed about my Limnit order. While I linked the full-size in my reviews, you can try out a pot of any of them for 6.50 CAD, and that’ll last you a long time, especially if you don’t wear kooky lipsticks all the time. I would recommend using a finger or a bullet to apply them, since I find they don’t play well with brushes. Other than that, I’m pretty highly satisfied.


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