Life’s Entropy- Lip Theories and More

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Life’s Entropy recently, which is why I let the blogger pack I ordered sit in a drawer for like a month. (In my defense, the shop was closed for most of that time.) Oops. This is apparently how lax I get when school is back in session.

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Shiny new Shiro!

Those of you who have been avidly following my posting on reddit may recall that I mentioned I was getting a Shiro custom gloss to match the colour of Colonel. I was excitedly squeaking about it a good while back when I ordered it. Unfortunately, it got here and was very sheer with no staying power. I e-mailed Caitlin about it, and she told me that one of the new workers might have messed it up by using pigments instead of dyes. She offered to make it again personally, and I accepted, telling her that she could take her time. The package was in the mail that evening. Fantastic service.

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