Limnit Lipsticks!

So, this is one I’ve been sitting on for a while. You can tell because I still have a decent amount of hair. The lipsticks were actually purchased at the beginning of May, when Limnit was having a sale on their green lipsticks. I had them shipped to the new address, so unfortunately I can’t speak to how promptly they arrived, since they were here before I was.

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Eccentric Cosmetics 2- Eccentric Boogaloo

Yes, I know, I’ve been taking ages to post. Actual worst. On the bright side for me, I’ll be moving in a month or so, and once all that’s done I’ll look into a more regular posting schedule. Unfortunately, until then, I’m trying to save dollars and also not ordering a lot of things in case they arrive at my apartment after I leave, so I’ll be posting new hauls less often. I’m going to try posting with the things I already have, though. (Also, I’m sitting on a few orders right now, so I’ve got a few posts left in me.)

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Life’s Entropy Lip Theories, Volume 2: Part 1

One of my Black Friday orders (that’s how long I was sitting on this review) was a sample set of the newer Life’s Entropy Lip Theories. They arrived, and I promptly said “dang, how am I going to fit all these into a post?” There’s twenty of them, so when you factor in that I usually try to full-day wear any lip products and I can’t wear half of these to work, that’d be a month or so between posts. And it’s not like I’ve never done that before or anything, but I’m trying to avoid it, so here’s part 1.

These samples had been sitting around my house for about a month and a half before I got around to swatching them, plus the time that they got caught in Canada Post. I shook them up a bit, but none of them really seemed to be separating that much.

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I Got A Rituel De Fille Sample Pack

Like, the minute they were announced. I had heard really super good things about the company, but the high prices were dissuading me. I really didn’t want to spend 23 dollars (that is 33 Canadian dollars right now) on a lipstick that I didn’t even know if it would work for me. Samples are one of the main reasons I got into indies. When you’ve got not too much money and live in an area where makeup stores are few and far between (until this July we just had drug stores) you don’t want to blow it all on something you can’t try first. So, kudos to Rituel de Fille for finally offering sample packs.

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Notoriously Morbid Mystic Mattes and Topcoats

Good news- I’m moved into the new apartment. My show opened successfully, and I’m not working 52 hours a week any more. So guess who finally has time to make a blog post?

I decided to pick up some of the Notoriously Morbid Mystic Mattes when I saw they were available in the duo format, plus some Changeling Topcoats, since I’m a sucker for mattes only with sparkle on there.

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